Sunday, November 21, 2010

coming up


Previously a bad wrap, relegated - largely in part - to the funerary industry.

In the studio I call them "glads" because it makes me sound official, as if there are shortened abbreviated terms for all sorts of flowers and floral equipment. Terminology.
In my field.
It's been my experience.
It would be lost in translation.
It's up for your interpretation.

Mark my words, they're going to come back.

I have some clients who are doctors and lawyers and brain scientists and brokers, people with big jobs.
I'm in finance.

I think I'd like to be big. I think I'd like a briefcase and a personal assistant to run around after me. "SHE DOESN'T LIKE SUGAR IN HER COFFEE, DAMNIT!!!"
Oh and to ride in helicopters. I'm running 10 minutes behind schedule! meet me at the helipad!
I needed it there yesterday
Cancel my 3pm
Send the driver
Chill some bubs for the champagne rain
Someone loan me a $50,000 diamond necklace for a night


Shelby said...

Hehe, this made me giggle! I really like these flowers, I do hope they come back.

Nicole Milman said...

you are something else!

Inessa said...

Reminds me of my sweet grandmother and how she grew these outside her window all her life. They were her favorite flower of all time.

Cindy said...

'glad' to hear it :)!

Unknown said...

They should DEFINITIVELY come back! Gladiola's are just beautiful in their different colours... STUNNING!

Anonymous said...

Have you ever made a funeral arrangement? Not necessarily with glads that is...

DM said...

Those glads are rad!

Now have the seamstress make me up a power suit, not easy on the shoulders like she was last time!

Sally May Mills said...

Known in Australia as "gladdies", they never went out of style thanks to our beloved Dame Edna Everage. Her "trembling gladdies" are the climax to her shows when she throws them wildly into the audience. Long live the gladdie.

WPZ - Sandy said...

I totally totally wish I could be your personal assistant. I tell you, I know the difference between the blue and the pink stuff, and screw those OR sugar, I make mean tasty black coffee.

Anonymous said...

Grab the joy of all celebrations by sending gifts and flowers from

shellie said...

i love glads...and carnations another flower people often dont like...

brandeye said...

ohhh. i love glads :-)