Tuesday, February 25, 2014


I have been sitting staring at this screen for some time tonight. Looking for things to write you.
I'll start from where I am.
Which is sitting here, staring at this ranunculus. It is one of the most spectacular flowers I have seen in some time.

I spent a lot of time with this ranunculus today. This afternoon and evening, studying it in the apartment. Gazing at it, touching it, photographing it. Then I went to the grocery store. There was a long line and I watched my irritation at this line. Watched the irritation in the people around me. In the line. I came home and made lamb chops. I love lamb. I love eating alone.

I've heard a few people lately use the phrase 'Brooklyn Flower Mafia.' Am I a mobster in this mafia I wonder?
(and also WHO SENT YOU???)

I've had a few conversations with friends about the flower world recently. All the players. Someone should make a deck of cards of all these players. It wouldn't take long to get to 52. Who would be the ace of spades or the queen of hearts? The joker? The jacks? Good grief.

The world of floristry is changing so fast. You can throw a stone and hit a florist these days in Brooklyn. It's an exciting time for flowers. I watch my feelings about it shift. Watch myself relate to the struggles of new florists, watch myself be in awe of their talent, watch myself get irritated by how easy some of them seem to have it. I try to see where those feelings come from.

Growing pains maybe. All in the name of beauty. And trying to make a living. What's wrong with that, I think?

In the end the flowers speak for themselves. Magnolia. Queen of hearts.