Friday, May 29, 2009

a pitcher plant bouquet with peony and umbrella fern. wish i had a better shot of this, in person it was really stunning, you'll have to trust.

This evening I feel very odd. My pupils seem very dialated, and I have trouble concentrating. I get sort of shakey. Sort of panicky. Ectoplasm abounds in the apartment.

This generally happens at the gloaming. Tonight the air is especially humid. Ripe for the transmision of paranormal energies.

I flip on the radio to make things feel normal. Evening music produces some big band rendition of "My Country Tis of Thee." I pour myself a glass of apple cider vinegar. The cartoons in this week's New Yorker are dumb.
i just wanted you to know that i just came home. i let my dog lick my face. I then entered the living room where she showed me a dead mouse that she chewed up.

meditate on that while i conjure up some recent wedding photos to show you...

Sunday, May 24, 2009


hanging around the shop this morning surveying the mess left from two weddings yesterday. there are flys buzzing around in here.

was at the stationary show on tuesday in desperate need of water, so i bought a bottle of Dasani for $3.75. a few little animals perished in the rainforest at my point of purchase. Dasani is the stupidest thing in the world. everyone knows it's owned by Coca Cola, and that they just bleach some Coke and put it in a blue bottle. fuckers.

so that being said, i have some sad news; today is the last day you can visit the old Saipua shop. it's the end of an era! this morning i was here around 8am sitting on the stoop with a coffee watching the first wave of Fairway traffic motor by. When we opened Saipua here 3 years ago it was so quiet.

over the course of this coming week we'll be packing up and moving everything to the new shop. we should be ready to open there on July 1st. so that means a month of quiet without you're lovely faces...

bye for now. I'm going to play with some beared iris I have and will show you some pictures later today of all the weddings shizzels.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

the Osborn Castle

The Osborn Castle at Cat Rock is the most beautiful place. It is a family-owned, century-old stone mansion in Garrison. It has just recently become available for limited outdoor events and weddings. The details of the house are really divine. Seven guestrooms and a cabin are also available for overnight guests of your party. The view of the Hudson Valley is quite stunning. We were on site Saturday for a wedding planned by a bride with excellent taste...the table settings were spectacular...I wish my photo's did them justice. I want to do all weddings here. Call Hank or Ruth, then call me, K?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

eric lives...

but remains indoors, and refuses to be photographed. we watched SNL skits on hulu all night like the mothersday rap on SNL. [Mom; DO. NOT. WATCH. THIS.]

but yeah, hes ok. and guess what my new t-shirt (made by the crafty vixens at Tiburon) says..
give up? it reveals the new location of our shop...and says:

See you there starting July 1

ex-oh, ex-oh***,

* my emphasis
**worst. season. finale. ever.
eating a hot pocket with ketchup would have been more satisfying than watching blair and chuck finally make-out. what was that "i went shopping to all your favorite places in europe" BULL SHIT anyway? and so yeah, gossip girl is going with them to college?!? comeon! my dog figured that out 4 episodes ago.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I mentioned a ways back that we're moving the shop. We'll still be doing the same flowers and soaps, just in an improved arena. One that has a real sink. And 20th century electrical wiring. And does not smell on hot summer mornings like cat piss....I digress...

The new Saipua is going to be around the corner from our current spot in Red Hook. We are insanely lucky to be friends with one of the dopest architects in the city; Jeremy B. of TACKLEBOX. {of Phillip Lim flagship fame.} Every time I talk about the project with people I get so excited and proud to have Jeremy working on this with us. He is especially good with texture. He found several salvaged barns. Now, he's working with Eric around the clock to fashion this barn siding into a new home for us.

In the beginning, several months ago we all sat down together and Jeremy told me everything about Saipua that I never could put into words or think about. It was like having my fortune read! Architecture! Who knew? I'm so excited to start sharing some of this with ya'll...I'm going to post pictures of the progress soon...

Monday, May 18, 2009

from a reception this past weekend at The Modern, MOMA's restaurant. more photos from this weekend eventually...running to the city now for Sue's opening at DWR...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

unleash the dragon

11:09 pm
hello. we live.
this week has been a wild ride. inevitably every time we have a wedding, I'll stick myself with something and wonder about how long over-due my tetnus shot is. 11 years. I'm foaming at the mouth, is that bad mom?

I'm currently sipping a stiff drink. Eric has swine flu, or something sort of awful. Amanda, Joelle and I just finished two weddings. I sort of feel great though. I believe we finally weaned Scooter, the toothless cat, off canned catfood, so that's worth celebrating.

{still my favorite band, on headphones tonight because eric has the sensitive-head.}

I realize I have not read a book, cover-to-cover, in over six months. Every night I read exactly one page of I AM A STRANGE LOOP, and fall asleep. This book changed my life 2 months ago at sentence 17.

I hired an intern. Amy is great. But so are all you who sent me a resume. I can't tell you how moved I was by the response. Thank you. So much. Wanna go clubbing?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Friday, May 8, 2009

when in williamsburg...

My friend and cohort, nicolette camille makes such incredible flowers, and she's hitting the streets live in person to provide flowers for you and you mom! Saturday and Sunday, find her in Williamsburg out front of the Shoe Market on N. 6th Street. Say hello for me, k?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I know...

I owe a lot of you emails and wedding estimates...We're swamped with weddings and mothers day, and my paperwork and emails for late summer/fall weddings has been put on hold...thanks for your patience... now hand mommy her gin!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sunday, May 3, 2009


We need some serious administrative help around here, and I'm just going to say it.

I'd like to hire an intern. this person would be:

*Know computer programs like Excel, Photoshop, MacMail
*Very good on the phone, polite
*Very eager to learn about running a small business, flowers, wedding industry, etc
*Fluent in fleetwood mac discography, no adversions to Prince in all his incarnations
*Can spell well. can edit well. has an eye for detail

I can offer:
*endless knowledge of flowers and beautiful things; how to make them, were to find them, etc.
*Potential for advancement in the Saipua empire after 1-2 months, i.e. eventual salary
*free soap and flowers

Ideally this intern would help me 2-3 times a week on administrative stuff like managing my email, transcribing my notes, editing my wedding bids. Schedule would be very flexible, but you must be available for some time during the week. If you're interested please email me some things about you, any questions you have, and maybe a resume to
Thanks for your consideration, and please pass this on to anyone you may know.
Thanks for reading my blog too. I know it's been a sort of lame lately, but maybe with some help I can start to beef it up again.

Friday, May 1, 2009

brooklyn flea

Come and visit us, we're setting up shop at the Brooklyn Flea tomorrow with TOTALLY BRUCE and BOX AND FLEA.


sometimes i get this beautiful leggy clematis that comes all the way from japan. i was in japan once and there wasn't any clematis. there was a lot of horse meat. and strawberries that look like they are made out of plastic. traveling alone for a few days in kyoto i rented a bicycle and saw all kinds of crazy stuff. lost at dusk, I looked around at how beautiful everything was and forgot where I was. panic insued. then, like a mirage in the dessert, i found a starbucks and regained a feeling of presence and control.