Saturday, November 20, 2010


It's 8:46 and shit is about to get ill in the studio as we magically make some weddings happen.
Ran into a friend at the flower market this morning and am feeling more jazzed. It's been a ragged-y week full of me floundering on decisions and saying yes to things when I should be saying no. NO NO NO NO
Refreshing, you should try it. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO


REALIZATION: Saying NO more often doesn't mean that I can't be the new positive person that I have been quietly evolving into over here, mmkay? Eric and I have been really focusing on eliminating all the negativity out of our studio practice because it's pointless and counterproductive. But I'm starting to understand that being kind and positive also allows room for me to say no to people and continue to be tough and smart in my business.

REALIZATION: egg and cheese on a croissant

*Hey look! Lady Elle won the friday flowers, so congratulations to her up in Harlem. Don't forget to top off the water in that arrangement!


LPC said...

Exactly. The key to a profitable service company is customer expectation management:).

Desi McKinnon said...

I have the same problem. You should have seen me this morning running around, phone calls, car drop off / pick up, computer pick up from apple store, meeting for lunch, plus I forgot to eat breakfast in the madness...

Jo said...

Saying No is extremely important to one's health and well-being. I have been trying to teach my mom the art of saying No for years.

cls said...

There is even a book for the ladies about this, called The Book of No, on how to say it firmly (and kindly). I should probably read it more often.