Friday, August 29, 2008

finally a grey day.

I'm hoping for rain today. I walked to the water to get a coffee with $1.08 in my pocket this morning to find they raised the price of coffee to $1.63 ... The woman who hates me was there. "But I only brought $1.08" I said...
"They raised it last week!" she said.
It was the happiest I've seen this woman in a long time. That's fine.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


[image from a site that gives physics lessons online]

I'm trying not to take things so bloody seriously lately. I'm arranging flowers, not sending men to the moon...or solving differential equations...which helped send men to the moon. I guess.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Remember the heirloom seeds I got from Tomato Bob? Patience is a virtue...and we're now reaping the bounty of Korean love apples, Mortgage lifters, Yellow Pear, Zebra, and the elusive Mexico midget. My rooftop plants are not nearly as happy as Susan's upstate (pics below) and she was kind enough to send us back with a bag of mixed.

Last night we roasted the yellow pears and tossed them with penne and ricotta and pepper flakes. Eric and I started running so we confidently carbo-load and give each other high-five's at every opportunity. Susan made a yellow pear tomato jam which takes the town. The NYT has a recipe for Tomato Jam ice cream. Can we draw a line here?

Watched Logan's Run last night. Seen it?

Monday, August 25, 2008

A day upstate to shuffle more stuff back and forth from office to workshop to store. Cat Rae Kwon (the chef) got a big puncture wound on his neck. There have been coyote sitings. My pops says there are also vultures that swoop down and hunt the cats. He also tried to tell me that rabies can spread through the air. I've spent the last 10 minutes reading about rabies on Wikipedia. I relate to some of the symptoms. [Take a moment to imagine my childhood.] Later, a trip to the vet. When told Raekwon has a heart murmur, I said "don't we all"...the unamused vet said on a scale of 1 to 6, Kwon's is a 3 and recommended an EKG. Suze and I exchanged a quizzical glance. We opted for the most "conservative" (vets words, not mine) route, grabbed the antiB's and bolted. Are we terrible for not having him sedated, shaved, and the wound drained? He's a tough guy, not foaming at the mouth...and for the record, he got another rabies shot today.

...Back tonight to a beautiful Brooklyn sunset. Eric sat down to call his mom and I settled down with a glass of wine and Keith Jarrett. The record makes it hard to concentrate on anything. There is a fruit fly in my glass. I remove it and see it is still alive. I squash it on my ankle.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

im all laid up recovering from a most hectic week. listening to jonathan schwartz in sweats and realizing how lovely it is not to work on a sunday. i'm on my 7th piece of raisin toast. i logged onto myspace. (dare to judge me?) i'm looking at trashy carnage of fashion blogs.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

PETFINDER is totally effing up my day. I can't stop looking.

I want you.
and you.
and you.

Here are the table arrangements from my last wedding. Ball jars filled with stuff. Each table got a pint and a quart jar.

I'm mixing up a lot more flower jams today, so i'll post hopefully this afternoon. There are some do-dads from yesterday I'm especially excited about ... red dahlias, succulents and stuff. Is it just me, or is the cut-life of dahlias disappointing? Are you all getting them to last more than 2 days? Before the outer petals start crisping...

Can't stop listening to Oriental Nightfish by Linda McCartney...

Monday, August 18, 2008

A few things; I was really excited about some amazing Star of Bethlehem flowers I got last week, and after the wedding on Saturday I played with the leftovers to make this bouquet. A bit darker than what most of my clients look for, but my favorite palette...which is to say a bit more oriented for Fall. I tied it with a vintage velour ribbon and ... moseying next door to Erie Basin, picked out a little crescent moon stick pin to secure it. I wish all bouquets came adorned with a little gem like this. It sort of makes for a nice keepsake when your done with all the hoopla, you know?

Also, I went to the NY gift fair this morning in search of a clear thin glass vessel which in my head looks like this:
No dice. This vessel (for a wedding in Sept.) is becoming the bane of my existence.

Lastly some lady friends are coming down tomorrow with Susan and we're off to have lunch and hunt down some new perfume for Karen. I trying to think of a good lunch spot...they've been to Tea & Sympathy (my favorite) and Spotted Pig on past visits...any suggestions?
be-bopping around atlantic ave. yesterday I saw this, and thought of some of you who may be looking bridal jamzzzzzzzzzzz.....

Bridal Party Collections by Sir and Miranda Bennett -- call 718-643-6877.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

personal personals

I recently realized that people (florists mainly I guess) refer to the bride's bouquet, corsages and boutonnieres as "Personals." Here are the personals for this weekend's wedding. I'm just going to say I don't like the word "Personals" because it reminds me of "personal care products" or "personal care needs" or anything else having to do a bit too much with hygiene....jus' sayin.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Darla, garden roses and birdcage.

8.13.08 and SWM

A trip upstate to get ball jars, a few trips to various goodwill's and salvies, back to the city.
I'm sitting at the kitchen table now. 11:16. Aaron and Eric huddled around a 6x6 inch television watching the Olympics in the other room.

Aaron says: Sarah, are you blogging?
Me: Yeah.
Aaron: Will you include me in your blog more often...? Please?
Me: Fine.
(Aaron inspired.)

(This picture was when Aaron thought I was sleeping, but really I was catching him watching Sex and the City trailers on the computer.)

(Aaron made this really excellent salad one night with roasted beets and oranges and stuff. yawn.)

(Not Aaron, but a good picture of me. This never happens)

(Aaron mad.)

(Aaron with camera.)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My friend Barbara sent this photo of a rainbow over Pine Ridge Sanctuary. I can't stop looking at it. Such an alien and beautiful terrain...

Last week I went and saw After Nature at the New Museum. I think this show is such a revelation. No more glitter and neon on canvas for pete's sake.

William Christenberry's work really moves me. His photographs show buildings and landscapes in Alabama that have been smothered in Kudzu (a devastatingly invasive vine). When he was little his mother said never to lay down in the fields, else you'd be eaten by the kudzu.

Werner Herzogs film Lessons on Darkness from 1992 is also mesmerizing. It is the most eerie and seamless junction of beauty and destruction. The show is worth it just to see this film.

Monday, August 11, 2008