Monday, September 24, 2012










september_pink and red!





I've had a lot of time to think.
When I try to write about things I get stuck.
I ping pong between reverence and irreverence. My mind wants everything to be serious as a heart attack or a big satiric meltdown.

Quick get me a pair of no. 6's, a drink in a coupe glass and on the mothereffing waiting list at Pok Pok.

Monday, September 17, 2012


I just had a work dream. I have those not so often.

In this dream I was working on preparations for a wedding. Instead of working here or in the city at Saipua HQ I was in a big architecture office. There were lots of women with severe haircuts hanging around.

I decided to add something to this wedding. Snakes.

So I went to a pet store and bought 7 harmless garden snakes of various sizes. I kept them in a taped up box in my closet. They kept escaping; this was the stressful part of the dream.

In my plan, we would release these snakes on the head table and they would add a mysterious dark element to florals.


My boss did not like this idea. She said the bride would "freak out" over the snakes. I told her to take her Scandanavian accent, minimalistic outfit and severe blond hair and shove it! Office drama ensued.

In the end we just released the snakes for the pre-dinner photos, and the bride never saw them.

We've been at Worlds End enjoying the start of autumn, my favorite season. If I could live in perpetual autumn I would. Aaron is here and we are taking lots of walks, mulching, talking about the universe, compiling a list of current country music tropes and researching Tonya Harding on our phones.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

A second Vermont wedding - and calling all Virginians...










We've been traveling a lot for weddings this year.

Sometimes when I sit writing these posts I become aware of how neat and glamorous our jobs might seem -- and they are neat -- and sometimes glamorous (human broom, anyone?) but traveling weddings are also really tough. You can imagine, so I won't elaborate too much. We see the beautiful sights of Vermont quickly out the speeding window of a clunker truck full of jangling vases and precariously packed buckets of flowers -- SLOW DOWN ON TURNS DAMN IT! I wistfully watch the mountains go by wishing we could stop at that barn sale, or take a break for a romantic something or other. But ultimately we're there to work; to do what we do best; hustle. Unload that van. Prep that box of fedexed flowers. Eat that cold pizza. Make that shit beautiful. I NEED IT DONE IN TEN MINUTES!

Last Saturday at The Round Barn in Warren, Vermont we had everything photo-finish right on time, as always. I watched the bride - one of my favorites this year - walk down to the ceremony. I teared up. Then we got in the truck with a few hours to kill before our staff meal. Eric wanted to drive through the mountains and look at the landscape. Wouldn't you know it; finally with the time to watch the scenery go by a bit slower, I fell asleep.

We'll be in Charlottesville, Virginia on the weekend of 10/6 and I was hoping you or someone you might know might want to be hired onto our crew for a day or me if you are interested.

Tonight I'm typing from back in the city. The cold front, what with it's tornados and wind funnels has moved through and now it's drizzling, the cool air coming in the window next to me. I found my favorite Peter Gabriel record.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

tomatoes and hydrangea











I stepped on a mouse nest this morning while raking hay. I watched the mice babies, blind and disoriented scatter in the grass, they all went in different directions and then synchronously stopped and curled in on themselves. I stood there for too long watching them and feeling bad. I'm really tired, and when you are tired, you get inappropriately emotional about things like baby mice.

I called Nea over and she ate them all.

My parents were up the last few days helping me plant hydrangea at the farm. I always get nostalgic about the early autumn flowers. When I first started working with flowers six summers ago the hydrangea were the first things I really fell in love with.

Yesterday we stopped for lunch and had - what else but tomato sandwiches. As soon as we finished our sandwiches we had coffee. Then we went back out to keep planting.

Today after they left I went out and did the raking, the mice. I came in for a tomato sandwich, eating it alone, feeling drained and lonely. I made coffee right after like my parents would do if they were still around at the farm.