Monday, November 22, 2010

the kids are alright





Our new soy candles are here, and now have homes in burlap sacks with hand printed tags. (Asheley drew the labels, Casey made the drawings into stamps, and Eric and I experimented with using paint to print them on recycled chipboard tags.)

Took a little time, but I am really loving the simplicity of this package.

- SO, if you're a wholesaler whose been waiting for these, we're shipping them Wednesday.
- If you'd just like to buy one for yourself, they'll be up on the website soon.
- And if you want to see them in person come by the shop this weekend - we'll be open Saturday and Sunday after Thanksgiving (no weddings! thank goodness!)
- Or better still - come to our BAZAAR and see us erect our first ever soy candle PYRAMID!!!


Lisa said...


Anonymous said...

when i get back to the city ill definitely be swinging by for some of these soaps. what great stocking stuffers!

btw i just linked to your blog which i visit every day.

Anonymous said...

Can you buy these online? I LOVE them

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Jo said...

Hmmm. Wouldn't this be the perfect giveaway? (hint.hint)

ankita said...

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