Friday, June 23, 2023

Floral Residency Recap

We just finished our first floral residency week of the season here. An exceptional, uncanny and productive week with an amazing group of students. They just left yesterday and while I take some time to be quiet and rest, I find myself missing them. Its amazing how attached I get to residents in just a short week’s time…some photos of the weeks work here below….

Many thanks to the team here for supporting this vision of teaching with your help harvesting, cooking, cleaning and running the farm that my floristry practice has found its home in. I am forever grateful for this complex, integrated project whose genesis and continuity rests in making the world more beautiful through flowers. 


Friday, June 16, 2023

brief update


So much beauty happens here everyday, it’s hard to share it all. We’re in the middle of a floral residency with amazing students from all around the globe. Such generous participants in our world here: they are open, kind and willing to go with the flow. Teaching me as I teach them.

I’m afraid my winter verbosity has fully faded and I’m not one for many words here lately. Overwhelm ensues and it turns out I’m not invincible…

Meanwhile life goes on all the same all around me in this ecosystem of people plants animals and their ideas, needs and desires. A wonderfully complex matrix to occupy. Donnie, god damn him, chasing and chewing on lambs again. RAIN! finally after 6 dry weeks. Meltdowns. Crying. Laughing.

Witches casting spells, bringing flowers. Feeding beans. Making ceramics.

In the midst of it all: an inventory. What is needing to remain, what is wanting to be relinquished?

Friday, June 9, 2023

current state of affairs

Our work here continues in joy and sorrow! Exuberant at times, somber in others. Always full to the very brim, regardless of grief. It is some full-catastrophe-living let me tell you!

Sometimes I want a more ‘normal life’ whatever that means. A break, I suppose. To put on a suit, ride the subway and work in a corporate setting can be enticing from this side. The boundaries! The paychecks! The health insurance! The happy hours!

Alas, not my path, and probably not yours, or …not yours for long.

The ceramics residents are embracing making alongside brilliant teacher Kris Mounsey. Chase has been relaying photos to me as I’m off site all week. Surreal to hold this space and also be physically apart from it. I go back tomorrow and will work on more TV coming to you next week. THANK YOU to those of you who have joined us at the beginning of the project! Coming down the pipeline is a video on growing and arranging sweet peas, making tinctures, and yoga for farmer/florists (wrists, shoulders, lower back!)


slowing down is a radical act.

the beloved teacher and weaver Jessica Green passed away last week. She bestowed so many lessons that will reverberate in my work always - namely the usefulness of failure and how to hold power and assist its emergence in others. Few of my colleagues were as influential in my thinking and guiding the Worlds End project. Our ideas and methods didn’t always mesh perfectly and I like to imagine we’re both smiling about that now. Onward my friend.

Friday, June 2, 2023

The launch of


Its been a difficult 10 days here and I don’t want to get into detail but suffice it to say hardship, health scares, life and death have all visited us. We are feeling through the lower part of the sign wave that corresponds to the highs we get from living this sort of rich life. Tess, oblivious to it all, continues to chase the hose when I water the garden - an obnoxious but entertaining performance that I indulge in when I feel overwhelmed by it all.

We launched Saipua TV today after a Herculean effort by the team - mostly Vanessa and Chase who worked out all the minutia and built all the framework and systems so that you can NOW! visit and sign up for a monthly membership to this very special educational platform…

As of now, there are only three videos live, but next week, we’ll add three more, and then they will just start rolling out. These are educational/instructional videos designed to be entertaining and teach you conversationally, the way you would learn something from a friend. It also gives you intimate access to the inner workings of this project.Central to our mission is to inspire you to make something, look twice at something, decorate something, and locate yourself in a web of complexity amidst people, plants, animals, and Earth!

This project is a way for us to fling our ideas and work farther afield (someone from Sweden was the first sign up!) and offers affordable online courses ($15/month). After years of trying to figure out how to better fund the farm, we realized that Saipua TV can scale without compromising the integrity of our work - it’s the same amount of effort whether we sell 100 memberships or whether we sell 10,000 memberships (my goal). That is real capital for the farm - money we can use to get out of debt and one day expand the land trust by buying the neighboring properties that are fallow and vacant.

I need you to sign up. And I need you to give me honest feedback about whether you like it, and what you want to see more of. That’s the only way this works - if we’re making you happy, excited, and inspiring you.

 Meanwhile, I was heading to the sheep this morning and looking around absently. These tough few days - and I will fill you in at some point - have left me questioning more than usual what I believe in, what direction to steer this massive cruise ship, and what my joy or place in it all is. Looking at the tidy garden, the blackboard in the greenhouse, and the healthy sheep program, I thought about something I read somewhere: There is no cinematic music playing when your dreams are coming true. Haha, I thought! Here I am! Dreams coming true.

Thanks for joining me.