Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Expanding our team...

I've alluded to all the momentum and growth we're experiencing here at Saipua ... as we head into our 10th year of making flowers and soap we find ourselves on the precipice of a business which has the power to affect real change in our industry. 

That change is through direct environmental practices - growing more of our own 'clean' flowers and composting all of our green waste and the waste of our flower colleagues in NYC - but that change is also beginning to take place through our new education initiative which aims to broaden our sphere of influence through classes and apprenticeship programs held both at our Brooklyn headquarters and at our farm at Worlds End.

It's my hope that these programs; workshops in fiber arts, flowers, gardening, wellness, canning tomatoes (duh!) will expand our community and inspire people to take up their own small piece of environmental stewardship. Knowing how something is really made or grown motivates better, more thoughtful marketplace decisions. By sharing the process of how we go from sheep to sweater we could potentially motivate a person's dollars towards better garments. The difference between a $20 H&M acrylic sweater and a $250 handmade sweater is a powerful one! 

At this moment, we're expanding our business to accommodate these new programs and grow our farm and influence. Below is a list of positions we are aiming to fill by February. Obviously I'm biased, but I consider SAIPUA to be an incredible place to work. In many ways we operate like a family - nurturing and encouraging our employees to find ways to bring in and pursue their own unique interests within our business. That said, we have incredibly high standards for quality of work and require a unique sense of dedication.  

Interested applicants will send their CV and a brief letter of intent to 
Please include the desired job title in the subject line.

Onward to the next 10 years!!!



This person will work closely with the Founding Directors to provide the central nervous system for all studio and farm programing. As Saipua grows, this person keeps their finger on the pulse of all our various projects, helping to prioritize and manage the entire teams efforts... Full Time. 

Oversees and schedules all hiring, training and termination of employees of Saipua.
Maintains all employee files and paperwork
Works with Director to create all Saipua job descriptions, handbooks, employee reviews, and progressive guidance forms (if you want to do this)
Oversees all scheduling of staff
Oversees all Saipua insurance including COI’s for events, automobile insurance and claims and staff health insurance.

Sets the financial projections for the year, quarter, and month
Works with team to ensure that income goals and expense margins are met each month
Works with bookkeeper to ensure all records are accurate and up to date
Maintains the Saipua cashflow worksheet
Works with production manager to approve event budgets
Reviews credit card statement and all spenditures

Maintains the Saipua event calendar
Maintains the schedule and timeline for all events
Maintains Saipua project management software (trello, etc.)
Guarantees that the creative director, studio director, operations and project managers are clear on project timelines and adhering to the schedules
Leads weekly Saipua team planning meaning

Works with Founders to plan for new revenue models
Tracks all SAIPUA ideas and dreams and helps the team to prioritize; formulates plans to actualize prioritized ideas

Helps plan and facilitate marketing calendar
Implements marketing tactics across many platforms (Pinterest, Instagram, Mailchimp, etc)

This person must have 3+ years of experience in an office/studio setting. Excellent management and writing skills. Excellent computer/internet skills. Graphic Design skills major plus.

Salary commensurate with experience
Full health benefits 
3 weeks paid vacation



This person will report to the Studio Director and Operations Manager, providing general floral studio support with occasional farm work. Full Time.

Flower market runs, processing and designing florals for retail.
Studio upkeep including bucket washing, organizing, etc
Event assistance
Wrapping soaps
Managing soap inventory
Manage SAIPUA online retail shop
Driving SAIPUA van on deliveries
General errand running
Working retail shop 

Drivers license and clean driving record
Exceptional organizational and multi-tasking skills
Exceptional attention to detail
Exceptional grasp of color
Working knowledge of Microsoft Office


Salary commensurate with experience
Full health benefits 
3 weeks paid vacation



This person will work with the Directors to continue to build our flower growing program. This person will need to live onsite part time at Worlds End, a 107 acre farm located 30 miles west of Albany. Full Time/Seasonal

Create field map, create and implement planting schedule
Oversee all seed/bulb/tuber orders
Continue to expand our perennial collection
Oversee farm apprentices
Organize work days, inviting volunteers to come and complete targeted seasonal projects
Assist the Directors with general farm chores including but not limited to; sheep flock management, cutting grass, upkeep of the henhouse, etc.

Work together with the Directors to brainstorm, plan and actualize various educational programs and workshops at Worlds End
Help to oversee the completion of various infrastructure projects including; several decorative gardens located on property, maintaining tipi village, deep woods logging and building of log cabin, bee forage field, buckwheat crop.

Minimum of 3 years farming experience. Horticulture background preferred. Extensive knowledge of perennials a must. Cooking skills and experience with bee hive management a plus. 

Salary commensurate with experience
Full health benefits
Room and Board at Worlds End 



Apprentices will be fully immersed in all aspects of SAIPUA in the city and on the farm, receiving invaluable hands-on experience in floristry, event design and production, flower farming, and running a small business. Full Time.

Apprentices will enjoy a creative and interactive work environment, and will be involved in an exciting array of projects to (i.e. wedding work, editorial photoshoots, developing product design for retail, preparing design decks for events, devising schemes to further Saipua's mission to create and promote more sustainable practices in the floral industry, fiber projects utilizing the Saipua flock of Icelandic sheep at Worlds End Farm, etc...)

The goal in this new full-time apprenticeship program is to FULLY train candidates in all areas of floristry so they are poised to either join our team, start their own floral business or attain a full time position at the studio of one of our colleagues.

The right candidates are tough, smart, and passionate about flowers, floriculture and farming. No floral experience necessary. 

Since our apprentice program began in 2008, Saipua has turned out some of NYC’s most sought after floral designers. Collectively our apprentices have helped build Saipua into what it is today. They become like family. Potential opportunities for long-term employment for the right person. 

Proficient in MS Office. Knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite.
Drivers license a plus.

This is an unpaid apprenticeship.