Friday, September 27, 2013

chick problems

still here. juggling a lot lately and have so much to catch up on telling you about. which  i will get to with time. hoarding most of my imagery for the book project which will hopefully help us raise money to finish the barn...the barn that will house all our visitors and interns, and be our new flower studio. The barn whose doors will have a sign that reads: NO CHICKENS ALLOWED!!!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

my life as a pack mule.

This morning, like so many other mornings in my life lately, I packed my truck full of stuff (flowers, branches, grapevine rolled in a tarp, boxes of styrofoam peanuts, cartons of eggs, an extension ladder, work boots and clippers) and headed out for the city from the farm. Pack it up, move it out, unload it somewhere else. Song of myself. Halfway down the driveway this morning Eric ran after me with a plastic grocery bag full of my wet-from-the-clothesline-dew socks and underwear.

I can carry a lot - not even talking about my truck right now. I can lift more than your average man with a desk job. In the time I've been a florist which is something like 7 years, some of my favorite shirts have become tight around the shoulders, and if you think I'm bragging right now, you'd be right. There are two women who can lift more than me; Nicolette and maybe Deanna and damn straight - I keep those bitches close.

Now. What started out as a post to fill you in on the last few weeks of events around here became my own personal pissing contest. And I'm sorry for that. I'm just feeling sad because we just lost one of our best interns back to the good country of Canada. Reuben came and lived with us for three weeks and made for so much possible at the farm and in the city at Saipua. We planted hundreds of iris and peonies...we made Little Flower School classes happen, we made weddings and fashion week events.

My mind is in a hundred places tonight. I've got to fill you in about our new sheep, our new maremma puppy who is guarding those sheep from coyotes as we speak, new classes coming for winter, new soaps, an upcoming plant sale, and a very special book project we're self publishing before the holidays. All with time. But tonight I want to say thank you to Reuben (and the rest of our incredible interns) who are integral to so many things around here. And who do a lot of heavy lifting.

Saipua, sum of it's parts.

I promise more soon... I'm emotionally eating ice cream out of the container right now trying to figure out how to close this, so I'm just going to say good night.