Tuesday, February 7, 2012



I've never met Martha Stewart in person. Well, once I ran into her at the flower market early with Kevin Sharkey. It was early, but I swear to god she smiled at me. She was very tall.

I've done a lot of work for Martha in the last few years, or it feels like it. And I am very thankful for that. The first time Weddings contacted me to do a flower feature Eric and I opened a bottle of champagne. It was surreal.

Since that feature 3 years ago I've been at the MS headquarters a handful of times. There's always o lot of friendly people around, always gossip, and ALWAYS some kitchen editor sashaying in with some fresh baked cookies they are "testing."

When we were trying to raise money to buy our farm, I considered trying to get Martha to cut me a check. What's 200K to a woman like her? I was desperate, and hey - I've never been paid a day rate so I figure she owed me?

We worked it out without her, but tonight, I realize she's done more than her share to promote my business. I'll try to make this brief:

In 2003 when my mother was hammering away at her farmers market handmade soap business I picked up a copy of Living and saw a story on rubber stamps. It was beautifully shot, and brimming with applications...

I said to my mom "We should wrap your soaps in nice paper and stamp the labels."

The rest is history. Wholesale soap, trade shows, retail shops, the addition of flowers to Saipua...

In lots of ways we owe it all to Martha Stewart...an incredibly tough, ingenious woman who inspires us to be practical and indulgent; who reminds us to light candles at the dinner table every night and to schedule windowsill cleaning. A woman who, despite her schedule and stature, still makes a point to shop the flower market, on occasion, in the flesh.

Here's to you Martha. I can't wait to meet you in person one fine day.
Thanks to Stephen Orr for the story and for his inspirations in all things flora, thanks to Jen Causey for the gorgeous pictures, and thanks to Lena, Jennifer, Jenny, Liane and Fay for being our floral students in the shoot. And of course thanks to Nicolette for being the best partner in floral crimes.

The February issue featuring our Little Flower School is on news stands till Sunday if you want to see the full article.


esb said...

i <3 martha

LPC said...

You are my hero.

Anne-Marie said...

It is so cool that you've gotten to work with them so many times - Martha Stewart started me out too. She was totally into soap way back when I started Bramble Berry and I think that helped launch our business too =)

Unknown said...

Congratulations on the article! That is so exciting!

Erin said...

you being mentioned in Martha is where I first heard about you & your beauties!

Unknown said...

It seems to me that you have a lot in common with Saint Martha (namely fabulous taste). I am sure you will be popping the bubbly *together* in the near future.

Congrats on all the features, this one is beautifully done as usual.


reub-envision said...

was in line at Home depot & picked up a copy of this & flipped through.
My eyes went wide when I saw the school being featured
My mind went to that mention awhile ago of something "big" & I knew this must have been it
I then tried to tell the cashier girl that she should read the article & check out your blog & how terrific your flowers were... she may or may not have just stared at me blankly
but I was excited
Way to Go!

margaret said...

seriously. i'm so glad you wrote about martha. she is a true inspiration and so are you.

Siany said...

I stumble upon your blog, and I am charmed by your writing. I too adore Martha Stewart but forget about her for a moment, it's you :)

Unknown said...

I adore and despise Martha, simply because I just can't live up to her fabulous standards.I tried to make an adorable cake featured in her mag for our baby's first birthday--a charming paper sailboat atop an ocean of soft, swirly barely-blue sugar waves. I worked on that labor of love until 4 a.m., and it was the most horrendous, disgusting looking piece of crap. I wish I could show you a photo, it was just that ugly. I don't blame Martha--I just blame my missing artistic gene.

Cannot wait to pick up the mag--congratulations to you!!

An said...

Sweet! Congrats!!

Marie-Ève said...

Fantastic story. I heart Martha too and I loved seeing you in the magazine this month (shouted to my husband: Ha! That's the cool NY florist I've been following on Twitter for a couple of years! So neat!) Hope to visit the store/take a class and meet you one day.

What Possessed Me said...

I was really delighted to see the story in MS. You look utterly charming in the photographs, by the way.

Michelle Stiles said...

I have to admit that Martha is the only magazine that fills my mailbox. When I got this months and was flipping through it I came across the photos of flowers and thought to myself that they sure have the same style as SAIPUA, then bahm I saw it was and ya'll.... Thanks for making beautiful things for us to adore.

Alice and Stuart said...

you two are such badasses. it was only a matter of time. took too long if you ask me. she should pay for restoring the house now, and the field of coral charms you want.
finished 'marriage plot' right before 1Q84. kind of Franzen-like, right? Leonard hitting on the 15 yr old was a bit much. Stuart is reading it now.

edi gardner said...

Well you excite by the blood and spirit
Your work is supernatural splendid of course Martha

Lisa said...

Gorgeous article--I did a little cheer when I saw you!

rebecca s. said...

so much love for you and martha!

truly inspiring.

Anonymous said...

One word: AUTOGRAPH.

See you and Nico on Mott!

Libby said...

congrats! love it and love your words.

Camille said...

I think all floral designers agree that our industry wouldn't be what it is without Martha promoting all these years! Tasteful and always, always innovative and inspiring. Saipua deserves to be part of that legacy.

17 beats. said...

who knew flowers could be so mathematical ! i'm dying to know what that altitude is for.

Clare Day Flowers said...

I was already excited about studying with you next month. But seeing this post, and the incredible images, and I'm practically peeing my pants. Clare | www.claredayflowers.ca

7petals said...

Congratulations Sarah and Nicole!
What a beautiful spread.

Unknown said...

Absolutely stunning! Love it

Amy said...

It was a great article! Congratulations! I think we all owe a little something to Martha...

Meg said...

Congrats you guys! Ever since taking your Mother's Day class at the Little Flower School with my mom a couple years ago, I knew you just had to end up in MS one day! You guys are talented and totally deserve all the recognition and props you are given! Here, here!

Anonymous said...

It is so great that you were featured in Living. I just started carrying your soaps in my shop about a month ago and love them so much! I agree, we all owe Martha a huge thank you for redefining the entertaining/wedding industry. I have been a professional florist for 25 years and it was her Entertaining book that changed the way young women look at their homes/design and gardening.I can easily remember the shift in floral design that occurred because of her aescetic.It'sso spot on they have recognized your talents. You have inspired me to go back to my roots as a floral designer and design in a more fluid natural style. Thank you Sarah!

Sarahbeth said...

That is some hard core fabulous. And I absolutely went and got a copy. I used to subscribe to Martha - but I'd let my subscription run out... this makes me want to renew. Props to the folks there that did an article on you gals - you're all talented, fabulous and so very inspiring. You certainly inspire me in my designs. Here's to your continued success! And to figuring out how to buy the farm - that's some kind of inspiring too!

alicia.. said...

I picked up my copy last night, beautiful spread..
Looking forward to taking your May class in California.

Fleurie Flower Studio said...

Will get out and buy it quick! Looking so forward to meeting and learning from you in SF, CA in May!

Yours humbly, a longtime blog-stalker.

Frieds said...


Abigayel-Bryce said...

good good for you : )

beautiful photographs as always

bigBANG studio said...

Here, here. Lest I forget we can also therefore thank Martha for (indirectly) making the whole dusty desert town of Joshua Tree, California smell like geranium. (Also thank you to Mt. Fuji General Store, for having the vision to cary your soaps in their tiny wonderful shop.) THANK YOU SAIPUA!

Mike said...

My mom always talks about how amazing it would be to meet Martha in person.

Unknown said...
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