Wednesday, May 20, 2009

eric lives...

but remains indoors, and refuses to be photographed. we watched SNL skits on hulu all night like the mothersday rap on SNL. [Mom; DO. NOT. WATCH. THIS.]

but yeah, hes ok. and guess what my new t-shirt (made by the crafty vixens at Tiburon) says..
give up? it reveals the new location of our shop...and says:

See you there starting July 1

ex-oh, ex-oh***,

* my emphasis
**worst. season. finale. ever.
eating a hot pocket with ketchup would have been more satisfying than watching blair and chuck finally make-out. what was that "i went shopping to all your favorite places in europe" BULL SHIT anyway? and so yeah, gossip girl is going with them to college?!? comeon! my dog figured that out 4 episodes ago.


17 beats. said...

you crack me up woman. cute pictures.

ps. hot pockets!!

Lets Pretend said...

All I can think about is, what will next year bring and yes, the last 2 minutes were awful, lame and pathetic! A girl in her 30's who should clearly NOT be watching gg needs more from a finale!

sk said...

ahaha! I love your notes about gossip girl. and, ewwwww, hot pockets & ketchup! i just threw up a little bit in my mouth.

Nice shirt!

taylor0002 said...

saw it too sarah and i expected more from your boy. and whats this about serenas missing father...i refuse to go back through the seasons and find out...however, i did miss the one where chuck tells s "because i love her" do you know which ep that was? i need s#ep# to download.

P. said...

Condolences over the whole Gossip Girl debacle - I don't watch it because I can't accept any more Satan into my life. But I'm telling you now, HOT POCKETZ IZ THE BOMB.

galey said...

whereas everyone else is commenting on your write up on gossip girl, i thank you for your update on eric. cheers.

Donna said...

I'm with galey: I'm happy to hear Eric is back among the living. AND cool-ass tee, BTW!

j said...

oh snap work that shirt gurrl