Wednesday, November 12, 2008


P of WPM fame tagged up my sh$@ and so here are 7 unbeknownst tidbits about me via the Seven Random Things meme or whatevs. I secretly love doing this>>>>>>>>>>

1. I've been on a Tori Amos binge for about 6 days, though I believe it is sadly coming to an end this morning. Last week on a solo trip upstate I grabbed Little Earthquakes for the car ride. On my third time through the album I was singing out loud, and had convinced myself to set up a small recording studio in my apartment and take the act on the road.

2. I suffer from some type of hypochondria, although I rarely get sick. For example, right now my throat may be constricting due to an allergic reaction to an advil I took 30 minutes ago. At any random point during the day I'll ask Eric something like: "Do you ever get a shooting pain that last a few seconds behind your right eye?"

3. I can't take naps. Just not a napper.

4. Number four was a statement about cigarettes and drugs, but Eric said to edit it out. So instead I'll tell you that I really like ice cream (yawn) and especially ice cream with candy on it like those reeses pieces sundaes at Friendlys. NEXT!

5. Periodically throughout the day, and usually on the bus, I do these little smile exercises. Because I'm a frowner, and I got to start turning my frown upside down, you heard!?

6. Neptune is approaching my natal moon in Aquarius. This is, like, really a big deal.

7. I'm pretty sure I'm a socialist...can you say that on the internet?

I tag: Annoymous at 17 Beats, Alice at Bluebird Meadows, Ashley at Small Measure, Jackie at On Secondhand, Mom at French Pickles HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!


P said...

I did! I did! I tagged your shit up and your answers were dope!

Dooooooood, I totally love Little Earthquakes. When I listen to it I get all sassy and want to dye my hair red like Tori.

I hate drugs and love cigarettes. This is the shameful truth and now you know it. My mom doesn't know, though, so it's cool.

Lynne said...

I love your list! Especially no. 7 - I think I may be too.

Anonymous said...

when they were calling obama a socialist, I kept thing, ' that a bad thing?'

hi mr. cheney! are you enjoying sarah's blog?

17 beats. said...

i don't understand what to do!

17 beats. said...

i did it, mouser!

ashley english said...

Before you, I was a tag virgin.
Regarding #5, instead of smile exercises, I make a point of making my face go expressionless; keeps the wrinkles from forming, ya know?

asphalt and air said...

You're simply too fabulous!
Love these answers!

jackie said...

I also think I am a socialist. I finally realized you tagged me. Thank You!

Anonymous said...

in stsbetwith cream and parmesean last night a la Martha's advice. It twas...merely OK. I'm thinking about moving upstate to open a restaurant lately...fantasizing is more like it...and thstsbetis winter I will be honing my cooking skilllz in order to prepare.