Tuesday, November 11, 2008

One of these things is not like the other, but I'm so tired and fried right now i can't tell which. Have you ever seen the movie Zardoz?????????????? W.T.F.


maxine said...

haha WHAT? sean connery? what were you thinking??
my dad knows all about it...um wrong-town.

P said...

That is the most gorgeous bouquet EVAH. LOVE.

Zardoz - all I can say is "RED LEIDERHOSEN GONE WRONG."

I tagged you. Don't hate me.

17 beats. said...

Geordi LaForge, what what!!!? (just did hand motions)

Anonymous said...

Have no idea about the film... think I'll give it a miss tho
but I have that moomin mug! Cuuuuute.

Gorgeous blooms as ever.

Anonymous said...

in with cream and parmesean last night a la Martha's advice. It twas...mereholidayly OK. I'm thinking about moving upstate to open a restaurant lately...gclubfantasizing is more like it...and this winter I will be honing my cooking skilllz in order to prepare.