Thursday, July 3, 2008

[ "Bowl of cream" peonies, poppy pods, decorative thyme, pincushions]

I'm in a fix lately thinking a lot about all the bad news on the radio each morning (rising fuel and food costs, the diminishing US dollar, apocalyptic environmental reports, etc...)

This is the crazy world we live in.

Have you seen WALL-E? I did...then I found this website for BuyNLarge and it took me a little too long to figure out it was phoney. I mean... this has to be phoney right??

I'm working on a more hopeful post for later on...but it will not include pictures of my new Ann Wilson haircut. Because that is just not hopeful folks.


17 beats. said...

after our big blow out fight, we went to see Wall E. very sweet! i guess i'm more sensitive than you are because i had 2 single tears roll down my cheek. one during the middle of the movie, and one at the end. sigh.

L A M A R T I N É said...

uh......did you see the xanadou shopping pill...what tha **** i'm packing up my kids and moving to the woods to leave in tree houses!

rebekah said...

how depressing is npr right now?

Sarah Ryhanen said...

npr is totally depressing. i feel like that man who wrote "The End of Food" Paul something or other is on every morning talking about which demographic is going to starve next. they might as well make him an anchor.

the scary thing about wall-e and that whole BuyNLarge site (which is a total marketing ploy) is how it seems to accurately exaggerate our society.