Sunday, July 6, 2008

This article on WEEDS is so interesting. In a sea of bad news about the environment I'm determined to be more positive and active.

Which yesterday meant riding my bicycle to park slope to visit the farm market and talk to a flower grower about wholesaling his New Jersey blooms. But lets back up a min. to note that there is in fact a slope in park slope, and biking up it on a 30 year old one-speed is not something I would recommend to cycling novices. not in the rain. not wearing a skirt.

On the way home (down the slope) I stopped to admire the renegade sidewalk garden on Union Street. Let this be the future of cities!

which are much cheaper than what we get at 28So the farmer, Greg, has a very excellent selection of blooms including these stunning echinaceath street. Plus he has beautiful pastel yarrow, sweet pea (not for long), cosmos and other delicate flowers that don't fair well in the international wholesale trade. SO - long story short, we're going to try to do at least a portion of our August/Sept/Oct weddings with this material. The way my friend Alice grows flowers for her designs is totally inspiring. They're farm Bluebird Meadows epitomizes how a green flower industry can work.

*Also we'll be closing the shop in Red Hook till Saturday July 19th. During this time we will focus on

1. getting organized
2. cooking
2.5 the books
3. guitar hero
4. burritos


17 beats. said...

you play the guitar hero now? some say it's better than sex! i couldn't say for sure because i've never done it. sex that is.

Alice and Stuart said...

sounds like quite the bike ride! Thanks for mentioning us in your awesome blog. We love it. Some of the blooms you use in your work would cause accidents around here. Dangerous I tell you.

Sarah Ryhanen said...

duder, did you not know? i do play g. hero occasionally, but the song lists leave something to be desired...i will say that Heart Barracuda has been "rocked" many a times in our house.
What they really need to do is market a game for chicks; would be chock full of george michael and rod stewart...

Alice; get Paula and Clover to run the farm and visit us already!