Thursday, April 12, 2012

a wedding from March






My favorite spring bride, Sara, got married to her love Matthew at the Metropolitan building last month. Their wedding was such a joy to work on, they were easy going, full of life and hilarious to boot.

The photos don't do it justice, but this was probably the best chuppa we've ever made, thanks to Catherine who worked diligently on it all day. I miss you Catherine; hope you are having safe and inspiring travels.

Wedding season marches right on into April and we've got great events coming up.
You didn't think this was going to turn into a farm blog did you?


diana banana said...

that chuppa is AMAZING! by far the best one i've ever seen

Bow Street Flowers said...

that is a killer chuppah. now, how about the farm dog?

Liza said...

i want to eat that urn arrangement. it's insanely gorgeous.

Valery Rizzo said...

Are you taking these photographs Sara? I love the first one, great photos.

Anonymous said...

Amazing chuppah!! Looks like a number of different types of branches...what did you guys use? Hope you are having a great Spring.

avizaz said...

Yeah, the chuppa do look amazing Diana, I`m surprised you knowhat that is, as it is a Jewish thing.

gothic victorian dresses said...

Love the last one!It's totally fantastic!