Wednesday, December 28, 2011

if it is the grail you seek...


It's Thursday December 29th. I'm back at my kitchen table after a trip to visit family. Type-typing, toodling and drinking coffee. Hoping this bit of a sore throat is temporary, as come nightfall I will be embarking on an epic journey to Europe with The Professor seeking renewal, perhaps a brief awakening, a shard of illumination...STIMULUS!

For it has been declared that thee shall not take the same picture of ranunculus in front of barn wood with moody lighting forever! Thou art must break free from the asthetic chains of the 50 mm macro lens! It is time to charter new territories, let the search for floral enlightenment begin! (I bought a 28mm/1.8, Merry Christmas to me!)

Being in the last days of 2011, I am compelled to write - a reflectory of sorts. But I can't focus on the past so well. I spent a little time scrolling through the thousands of images in my iphoto and none seem worthy of summation. What is this blog about? Flowers? Running a business? Starting a farm? That all seems uninteresting to me lately. It's a good thing I am getting away. Nothing like a change of scenery to open the mind.

Words. We write them with so much coding, don't we?
What do I want you to think about when I write you something?
How do I want this to be perceived?
How do I want to frame myself, my work, my business, my relationship?

More words. Words Words Words Words Words Words Words Words Words Words Words

I am buying flowers. I am arranging them. I am making coffee. I am fighting with my boyfriend. I am lamenting the loss of a friend. I am talking to my mother. I am driving. I am digging a flower bed. I am checking email on my phone. I am feeling guilty. I am thinking about the end of the world. I am considering what to make for dinner.


Here we are, there we go. Time goes by in a flash. Everyone experiences the illusory quickening of time as we get older. But what if time is actually warping as the universe expands? As space balloons outward, why wouldn't time, the fourth dimension, also quicken in order to keep up with it? I think about my little niece and whether time for her as a 1 year old feels the same as time for me as a 31 year old simply because we live in the same time-reality. If my theory is correct, it would explain why people didn't live as long hundreds of years ago; time must have seemed epic! You got to be around 48 and you'd be like "Enough already!"

So we know we have to work quickly! There is much to do, and time is - literally - running out!


-Forearm stand, without assistance
-Write a book
-Start a dance troupe. We will practice in my barn upstate, and stage one performance in 2012; a small collection of dances set to early Vangelis. (I was very affected by the recent film Pina, thank you mom for tracking down a copy for me - but also it's playing in nyc now at IFC) Also, Deanna and Asheley, you are in the troupe. Get some spandex.
-Learn how to operate a tractor
-Spend more time with my little niece, Inez
-Adopt more dogs, at least 2
-Get a jaguar, camaro or other hot ride, not the subaru forester that everyone is saying is so practical
-Teach a flower class in Tuscany
-Learn more about birds and bird watching
-Throw a big summer solstice party (possible when the dance is performed?)
-Cook a feast of the 7 fishes next Christmas eve
-Build a teepee


Thank you always for reading always, for your inspiring commentary, for understanding (and sometimes not understanding), for loving flowers, for your amusement at beauty and interest in what I have to say.

mia ama!

*Any good thoughts on Venice, send them my way. We're leaving our computers home, but I may bring it to you live via instagram. Otherwise I'll be back with armloads of inspirational tidbits around the 15th.


esb said...

my goals, they are so.... lame.

must reassess.

Ann said...

I found greatest inspirations at the Fortuny museum and poking around in the neighborhoods.

You lucky!

Oh- it gets cold and windy. A lot like NYC!

Katie M said...

one of my 2012 goals is to hold a handstand in the middle of the room. you have to come to kula with me. and are you really writing a book? and can you also have a mayday party with a pole?

have the BEST TIME. are you going to rome too? because i have a killer restaurant suggestion. i will be in new zealand when you get back but let's rap soon.

lots of love and happy new year!!!

Marie Pech said...

ooh, dance troupe? i'm intrigued. forearm stand would be amazing. and flowers in tuscany?! sign me up please. if you build a teepee, i'll totally help :) cheers!

Jo said...

Sarah, I hope your trip is just what you are needing right now. What a way to start a new year and end an old one!
I like your thoughts on what we write and your theory on time expansion. I always love reading what is in your head. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

And I expect the dance to be filmed and posted on the blog! :)

Danica said...

Well I am super excited to follow you on instagram! My 2012 goals: say super excited more often.

Liane said...

yay lady! git yerself to europe and learn some new moves. i can't tell you how much i want to travel but i must be patient, even in the face of my warp speed aging. see you at the farm soon, ok? or, you know, you are always welcome at the wack shack.

Liane said...

PS re. the forearm stand- i coincidently just attempted this a couple nights ago at yoga and apparently my arms are but a couple spindly muscle-free twigs. no doing.

Cindy said...

now that's a movie i want to see in 3D and a dance troupe in the country sounds fantastic. you have a lot to think about while you're exploring and in the coming days. regarding your boyfriend, i've been married a long time. a really long time :) and this quote from antoine de saint-exupery is on our frig -

'love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking outward together in the same direction.'

i don't know who antoine is, but that quote is right on the money.

based on your posts, i think you're an incredibly talented floral designer and pretty smart cookie. have a wonderful trip & a happy new year!

McKenzie Powell said...

where to start...
1. can't wait for your book whenever it happens (no pressure... we know you're a busy woman)
2. your moody photos of flowers in front of barn wood will always be beautiful (but i get the desire for change... feeling it for myself too)
3. not sure about the schedule in the winter, but you can take a 3 hour catamaran from venice to rovinj, croatia... beautiful, tiny harbor town.
4. i will be in new york february 22-26... and I REALLY want to spend a day in brooklyn!!

Anonymous said...

Ann is absolutely right---hit the Fortuny museum! Fortuny was an artist extraordinaire and his fabrics/textiles were beyond beautiful!

ella said...

You rock. Like, loads. Happy holidaying!

Ashley Fox said...

dance is my life (in my own mind). In reality gardening and flowers are my life. I was in dance theater in college and would love to help out on a solstice piece if you are interested, we can be really beautiful, fun and humorous all at the same time. What dance should be. See you in March! Hellebores here I come! check this out, it was in Minneapolis, loved this picnic production:

vanessa said...

ahh, so excited for you! try to get to piazza san marcos at sunset... sip vino or un cafe in the piazza and watch the architecture wrap around you... total inspiration. buon viaggo!

Stacey said...

Good thoughts, thank you. I'm same age-ish and often feel much the same. It's good to reflect and to be reminded that it's important.

Travel safe. The concept of water taxi's blew my mind when I was 21, did he little old nun that managed the hostel where I stayed (she shook her finger at me and told me I'd be punished if I didn't make curfew). BUT REALLY my favorite experience in Venice was taking a walk, getting lost and snapping photos. It's a beautiful city. Enjoy!

TypeASeattle said...

I hope you and Eric have a fantastic trip and that you both are able to recharge your individual and relational batteries. :)

Highlights of Venice, for me, were Harry's Bar (home of the Bellini!), The Peggy Guggenheim Museum (where I saw my first Pollock paintings up close just after the film came out) and the Murano glass island (a short vaporetto ride away -- go, even if you don't plan to buy anything.)

Thank you for your "reflectory," words, and images shared. Your offerings are a lovely break from sometimes chaotic days. Flower porn = inspiration on so many levels. My "thank you's" are on repeat, as your "words" were in your post.

I can't wait to see what you do in 2012. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

It already an Oasis. Have a heart opening trip!

LPC said...

But I have to ask, who is The Professor? Also, I didn't like Venice. It rained. I was, however, probably just being a pouty 25-year old at the time. I imagine you will have a wonderful time - and say this only to leaven expectations and intensify the eventual glory.

Caitlin said...

Enjoy your travels!!! I for one will never tire of gorgeous flowers against an aged-wood backdrop.

I can't really put into words what your blog is truly about either, but I keep coming back and loving it because it is uniquely YOU! (and for the flowers of course).

I am so intrigued about your farm and it's growth too.

Happy New Year!

Jessica said...

You are so awesome and inspiring. Thanks so much for keeping your blog, this may sound cheesy but reading it really does make my life better.

I haven't about my goals for next year. I'm due to have a baby in 4 weeks so that's my excuse. Off the top of my head I'll say I want to be a more fun and less yelling type of mom to my older child, and I want fantastic abs by summer (superficial, but, well, I'm having a baby next month!).

count buckula said...

yous funnies

The Feather's Edge Finery said...

parallel lives on opposite coasts...thank u for inspiring me to get re-inspired

fleur_delicious said...

oooh. we did such a big solstice party this year that we are scaling back next year (we do a Swedish midsommar to-do - takes 4 days just to make the food!). It was fun, though - totally fun. And up on your farm? What better setting?

bon voyage!

Emerald Petals said...

Thank you for always being so real and inspiring. Happy New Year!

Bridget said...

Hi Sarah,
You don't know me but we've seen each other in the market. A fellow flower person who commiserates with you and enjoys your writing as much as your amazing photography as much as your inspiring color combinations and styling. It's just all too much! How can one gal have so much talent? Fuck girl! You've earned my respect (not an easy feat)! It's enough to make me mad with jealousy then come back for more until you've broken me- I'm yours. You're funny, smart as a whip and you know it! I've been doing this for too long to admit and honestly before you came thought I was the shit (excuse the excessive expletives). Now it all seems kind of ridiculous and I totally hear you about who needs another beautiful arrangement. But the truth of the matter is that it never gets so old that you want to quit and there actually are a lot of people who need it. You will always come back to it with renewed eyes and the desire to make living sculpture.
Sorry for this long ass comment.
PS you know what this blog is about. It's about you. You are always honest and often very funny. Thank you for being so disciplined and showing me that there are some people out there who work as hard or harder than I do for a sometimes seemingly thankless job. This blog is the thanks you get. Have a mind altering trip- don't think of flowers, drink, eat and fall in love again.
A compatriot. Would love to meet sometime- maybe this year :) Happy New Year!


pas my verication word to post this comment was "sweent" Does that mean not sweet?

Jessica said...

Your GORGEOUS (yes caps) flowers are what lead me to your blog but your words adds a whole new dimension to your work. Quite frankly I'm tired of blogs being in these neat and boring bubbles of what they are suppose to be. I read blogs for the people behind them. That is what makes them interesting and different from the next.

My main goal for 2012: recognize when I'm happy and to remember it during those rough patches.

I'm jealous that you're travelling to Italy cause I'm been wanting to visit that country since my teens (or more specifically Lake Como). So needless to say I have no advice but leave you with best wishes.

nina kincaid said...

what's your instagram handle?
it's my new favorite

ah venice. no words adequate to describe.... increible
buon anno!!!

Berså said...

Oh- I want to go to Tuscany to learn about flowers...:)
Happy New Year !

liz said...

Stayed in Venice for a paltry three weeks once upon a time. Peggy Guggenheim, yes. Check out the houses / country "pavilions" in the venice biennale park. They let it go to the taggers and graphiti artists most of the time, and then they renovate / spiff them up everytime the biennale comes around. The most beautiful (albeit bizarre) ruins...

Otherwise, avoid the crowds, find the residential areas, and the dimly lit little restaurants. Check out any Carlos Scarpa architecture if you can. Especially the Castelvecchio museum in Verona. Short train ride...

Bon voyage! You need it. I'll impatiently await the reports.

+**+#+* said...

Happy new year !

And Thank You for contributing to my collection of bouquets :


Mary Lou Bethune said...

When you return from Venice, NOT BEFORE, watch the classic movie, "Don't Look Now" with the incomparable Julie Christie.

Kate Holt said...

I have lots of spandex and a willingness to go to tuscany on a moments notice.

Have fun with the professor....see things, eat and drink, and be merry. Happy new year....

With love from la la land

Djamila said...

a few things: i have made the 7 fishes for Christmas Eve- it was epic, wonderful, and exhausting.

also: as a former dancer, i want to be in your dance troupe- can i be an honorary member sans the spandex, from here in Vancouver?

i love your moody ranunculus. and i'm currently loving your swedish sauna soap :)

my adventure for this year will be pottery. thank you for your endless inspiration.

lauren said...

i love this post
thank you for inspiring me through your heart, and words, and photos!

i love that photo near the bottom, that landscape is beautiful! where is that? i want to go.

happy 2012!

may we be grateful for all the blessings that are coming our way!


Anonymous said...

I had a dream of you reading Goethe's Italian Journey last night. What does that mean? You have to read it now.

Caroline said...

Can I please be in your dance troupe?

Amy said...

Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing trip! Just got my Feb. Martha Stewart Living. What a nice surprise to see you in it. Congrats! I'm also thoroughly enjoying my four saipua birthday soaps. I'm in love with the winter citrus!

sarah-jane down the lane said...

When you get the Tuscany gig arranged would you let me know? Ta...

Sarah -x-

Minna said...

Love the pics!

Jacqui Dodds said...

I think you will come back from Paris and Venice with loads of refreshed ideas and more energy.
I visited London last week and saw three exhibitions in two days - much more enthusiastic for all the different areas in my life now that I have some creative inspiration and the pace of another place.
Don't try to do too much in Venice just soak in the atmosphere.

Anonymous said...

I can completely relate to this questioning- most of what I do is useless although most people find it to be "fun".

I like your blog because it has beautiful pictures and you seem like a real girl with a real life. I appreciate your honesty.

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