Monday, October 3, 2011

Telluride, briefly


There's one flight in and out of Telluride and it's on a god damn puddle jumper built in the Eisenhauer era with a picture of Willie Nelson the the wing. I had to look up Telluride on the internet a few months ago when Jill asked me to fly out for a wedding Studio Choo was working on. It's in Colorado, so you know.


Anyway, the median age of pilots flying the Great Lakes fleet (with service to Cheyanne, Clovis, Kearney, Pueblo and Show Low) hovers right around 22 years old, and what are a robust bunch! Prone to jokes about exit hatches "I'm not only your flight attendant, I'm also your pilot!" and "Ma'am you have to pull this lever and kick out the door but remember first to strap your seat cushion on because it's your floatation device should we land over water..Unlikely!"



Fortunately for me, flying exhausted and dehydrated and seated in the suicide row behind the cockpit, my pilot was a god damn stud with biceps that proved distracting enough. God bless the Midwest and their corn-fed sons.

Currently I'm sitting in Denver awaiting connection home, although unbeknownst to me, I am at the wrong gate. I'll find this out in about 45 minutes when we start boarding - and the woman taking tickets says to me "Did you bother to look at your boarding pass?"
"But the window said New York City...?"


I have digressed...Nicolette and I arrived in Colorado on Wednesday breathless a bit from the high altitude. Clippers, this time thoughtfully stashed in checked baggage rather than carry on, just a couple of freeloading-freelancers come to assist Jill with a wedding at Dunton Hot Springs, an old ghost town 31 miles from Telluride in the San Juan Mountains. Jill did real good and secured us lodging at fish creek a 5000 square foot cabin in the middle of nowhere complete with a hot tub, outdoor fireplace, pool table and miss Packman arcade machine. Rocky mountain high!


I have never been to this kind of place before. Anything I might say to describe the scenery will fall rather flat of the truth. The golden aspens (are they related to birch?) were on fire; possibly the foliage peak week. Mountain rivers, big sky. We met a gaggle of cattle dogs and a hog. Snakes, walks, hikes, 10+hours logged in the hot tub watching shooting stars. .

The flowers arrived, rather miraculously and we got to work. The wedding was beautiful, a small golden gem of a weekend for the couple and 60 of their guests.


I would show you pictures of the flowers but I told Tec after a couple of glasses of wine that I can shoot flowers better than him, and I'm afraid to get showed up. They were real real pretty, and you'll see them eventually. His photographs of this wedding are going to blow your socks off, trust.


Thank you so much Jill and Alethea and Annabelle for the infinitely grand opportunity, to see such an incredible place, and to work and learn from you. I can't wait for our next project together..


MeganGreenlee said...

Love the scenery and all your narrative on this wedding. Beautiful work, as always!

Michelle Stiles said...

What a beautiful setting!

Unknown said...

Must. See. More. Wedding. Pictures.

liz said...

egad. Tec, Dunton Hot Springs and the trifecta of Studio Choo, Saipua, and Nicolette? Good lord, those are some lucky wedding couples.

Seriously. Living my dream. I could leave everything and move to the tiny Dunton, CO forever. done.

Bow Street Flowers said...

You just keep raising the bar! Amazingly gorgeous and how did you get such a good photo through an airplane window?

Sarah Ryhanen said...

BSF; window? I was sitting on the wing

Bow Street Flowers said...

I believe you.

lauren said...

i LOVE this post
as this is where my dad lives - and i spend every summer and christmas break here with my family.

it is so beautiful and not many get to see this little town.

you are brave to fly on that plane! i stopped years ago - and now drive into town... it's pretty freaky landing on a runway that dead ends off a cliff of a mountain

a tip for next time - hopefully there is a next time - TUMS - tums always help my altitude sickness... crazy right - but trust me - they work instantly!

it's also good to know you do destination weddings, some day i may be getting married there and would totally want you to be my florist!


Unknown said...

So beautiful! Great photos! Wish I were there!

Margaret said...

You were flown to Colorado to do wedding flowers at this time of year with the aspens?!?! Seriously, how did you get that job!?

Joanna Meyer said...

More pictures please! As a proud Coloradoan I'm thrilled to see my gorgeous state in all its autumn glory. Thank you!

Jo said...

Wow. That's all I got. Just wow.

Anonymous said...

...I've got a really big crush on Saipua... !

L A M A R T I N É said...

gorgeous !

Carola said...

such a dreamy place!



Diamond Rings said...

Wow, amazing images. Love beautiful scenery where one can escape the city and reflect.

Anonymous said...

These pix brought back some awesome memories! My BF in high school was a snowboard instructor in CO for years. She loved it and always sent me the greatest photos ("powder" was all I heard)!

sara said...

i love aspens. thanks.

Sara Lacey said...

So happy to see Colorado through your eyes. Always wondered what you'd do with Colorado flowers in your hands, can't wait to see pictures.


Great & Beautiful Job

kisses from barcelona ;)