Sunday, October 9, 2011

give a dog a bone

Don't have a lot to say, except I've finally landed back in Brooklyn for a solid week and am so excited to be at home. With real internet. Because I have a lot of inter-netting to do. One can only attempt to google "introducing a dog to an electric fence" so many times on one's iphone.

Been missing the studio, even though our new studio is a lot bigger.

Miss the world! The city! You're looking good today! Looking good in every way!
Glad to see familiar faces. And by familiar faces I mean you Charles, at the cheese counter at Fairway when you're handing me a piece of tomme de savoie.

Glad to drink coffee out of a paper cup while hurrying to the next meeting.

Lots coming to you loud and clear this week my little flower friends...

Top photo; wedding flowers with cafe au lait dahlias, roses, forsythia foliage, snowberry, astrantia, tuberose.
Bottom: crabapple, kalanchoe, dahlias, amaranthus, "unique" hydrangea, scabiosa, oxydendron


Harrie Clarke said...

I am in love with those hydrangeas! I admire your work and I am always excited to see a new post or picture up. :)

Anonymous said...

gigolo huh..this got me jiggy on a monday morning...thank you for flowers and neneh!

Anonymous said...

Striking dahlias---actually looks like a decent year for them in my area!

Amelia said...

Thankfully you are not Madonna and love hydrangaes!

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