Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Caroline & Andy (rambling)

What day is it today? Riding home from the farm (another impossible trip of getting nothing done. Unless you count walking from one end of the farm to the other, cursing. In which case we accomplished a lot. Nea, inevitably rolling in shit. Note to self; find a scat identification book) I thought it was Sunday - dreading the traffic we'd hit, but no it's Tuesday. No traffic, home early. Time to download the camera and remember Saturday's wedding; Caroline and Andy at The Foundry...

Bouquet in the studio. Loved this bouquet so much.



Bouquet with Bride. I refreshed the bouquets between photos and ceremony. Slipping into the ladies room with them, I had myself a little photo sesh. Not showing you those.





Tables...finally buying a few ranunculus here and there again after their out-season. Still not the killer stems I'll have in March, but pretty non the less. We have our dahlias this week, soon they will be eclipsed by Anemones..


Made Caroline a killer hair piece:


Caroline's mother kept asking about certain species names so she would remember when her friends asked later on. This family was one of my favorites...

Now onward...we're marching to a faster drum this week, will keep posting as time permits.
Side notes:

- I'm sort of into dunkin donuts now. Be assured, I surprise even myself.
- Beavers build dams to make ponds so they can float their wood around, and to make a moat around their lodges which protects it from predators. Also, they generally mate for life. Except when they occasionally mate with their yearling offspring.
- Segue...Woody Allen is my favorite, and this interview was tickling.
- When deer gorge themselves on too many apples, they get drunk and wander into roadways making this a dangerous time of year.

Also, Caroline, I'm sorry that I wrote about your wedding and "scat" in the same blog post. Owe you a coke for that.


flwrjane said...

Bouquets, hell the entire wedding is dreamy.

Just the way they should be but so often aren't.

No worries. Everybody poops.

Clare Day Flowers said...

This was one of my favorite posts ever. Is it the dunkin donuts that make you so clever?

LPC said...


Katie said...

apple-drunk animals could become a serious ish on the farm: http://articles.cnn.com/2011-09-08/world/sweden.drunken.moose_1_moose-apple-tree-johansson?_s=PM:WORLD

Unknown said...

Stunning. And hilarious.

count buckula said...

re: drunk animals...on a similar note-

Falls Flowers said...

Thank you, Sarah, for always making my day with your posts! I always come prepared to laugh & sigh. Beauty & levity make for great bedfellows.

katie said...

You should write for these folks!


I mean, when you're not busy making amazing flowers happen.

Jo said...

Hahaha. Dogs. They will always find the shit or dead carcasses to roll in. Always.

Too bad about the beavers mating with their own. That takes them down a few notches in my book.

And, holy mother of matrimony, those bouquets are stellar!

CocoRosie said...

yowzer! this one's a beauty sista ~xo

Erin said...

man, what a stunner! so wish i could shadow you for a week and absorb a big fat dose of your magic. siiiiigh.

Kellie said...

Have you read any of Woody Allen's prose?
Getting Even is a gem.

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