Sunday, July 31, 2011

how nice to loose oneself in zinnias

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rather than worry about the debt ceiling crisis!
shane stops by in the heat of the day to bring us sodas, then scares the hell out of me with talk of $100 loaves of bread if things don't get resolved by Tuesday
oh brother!

oh but!...

what I was going to say is about zinnias and how I love them this year more than usual; I've come to appreciate how imperfect they are: the strange asymmetries, the scraggly gaggle of mishapped petals - often smashed together on one side or crisped on the edges. A real spirited flower it seems.


julie said...

such beautiful, vibrant flowers....those berries also stole my heart..all the blossoms r coming out here & the most beautiful magnolias - they make me want to jump fences with little cutters in hand!!

m.e.w. said...

definitely easy to lose oneself in flowers...

Unknown said...

So pretty! What bright colors!

Inessa said...

I must agree with you on the zinnias statement. I am growing some in m insectary and it is quite fascinating to see all the unique differences in each one.