Tuesday, August 2, 2011

diamonds and rust

dahlias urn

time passes and most of it these days lolly gagging around the hot apartment


cooking some, listening to a gaggle of donovan, joan, grace, peter paul and mary, and hot97. a strange mix, but it seems to be working out for me. my hair is growing fast.
I wish I could sing like joan baez.

i have been cooking a lot. eating a lot of vegetables. my skin looks good because of that i think.
been composting. been thinking about exercising. started to run a little. sounds totally boring doesn't it.
it is.

truth is, i feel bored with flowers lately, and i dunno whats up with that.
i do know actually, but i can't tell you yet because i don't want to jinx it.

the world turning feels so much bigger than the next wedding and i'm not sure what i've gotten myself into.

buying books on animal husbandry.

also i think i want to be a dancer. is it too late? probs


Jo said...

I want to be a dancer, too. I'm not sure that anyone hires 30 yr olds with no experience, though. Damnit. I hope you get a spark of passion back for your craft. It sure is hell when you lose it.

Zoe said...

maybe you need one of those very compact baby doll sheep. could you stuff one under a workbench somewhere?

Roman said...

when your creative its difficult to channel that into one thing....try cultivating another hobby thats truly free from others expectation.

Bow Street Flowers said...

That photo looks like a painting. so pretty. like I said before, wherever you go and whatever you do we will all be enriched if you still blog about it.

Shaun said...

I like your blog (and gorgeous photos)!
I'm pretty sure you can still be a dancer. I'm very inflexible, but went to yoga the other day and the very bendy instructor said you have to have done gymnastics since age 6 to be that bendy. So I'm going to start now and maybe in 23 years I'll be flexible.

Sarahbeth said...

I haven't said up till now in a comment box - "you should really check out my stuff", I think it's cheap and that's not why I visit blogs or why I comment on them, that being said - these sentiments of yours about waiting and pacing and sitting in the -between- place reminds me of the space I was in for the f/w11 collection that is debuting right this very second. Take a peek if you are so inclined: http://unabashedapparel.com/journal/

Susan said...

Really? A paring knife? Dad and I sashaying with coffee? I have no recollection of that.

It was much more your style to write a treatise on WHY we should take you to the mall. Sometimes with illustrations. Pages and pages of reasons why with supporting eveidence.

Yes, though, I do remember the issues with boredom.
Love you,

monica said...

That photograph is ridiculous! It's a dutch master!!!
So incredibly gorgeous, I want to frame a print of it, and hang it in my home!

Follow the whims, they almost always lead to great adventure!

xo Monica

Tanya said...

Thank you so much for your stunning photography. I find it so inspiring and ... healing in a way. Bless you!

Heather Keyser said...

so I've been in love with your dog for awhile now. and your flowers. and your photos... and now the way you write about everyday life. You make the most banal, human things... funny. thank you. for all of it, but the smiles most of all.

nfraas said...

It's August. It's OK to be bored with flowers. The light is mostly lousy and dull during the day, very flat when full of humid air. The dog days have us wishing for relief, cooler nights and some fresher air. The Maine coast beckons or maybe the finnish coast. A hot sauna and a frigid ocean dip cures those blahs. Even the thought helps.