Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I've been admiring Honey Locust trees all over the city lately. And by all of the city I mean literally - uptown - downtown - midtown, you name it I've been there. And not on no leisurely stroll down the avenue, sons! Please! I admire my nature through the car window, full speed, lean out the window, snap a quick one. Don't even slow my roll cuz you know I have the camerabag app on my 3G. You honking at me?! YOU HONKING AT ME?!?


You probably pass a honey locust tree every day if you live in NYC. The city plants them because they grow very quickly and are tolerant of tough conditions. They live to be 120 years and have leaves that are the exact same color as a taxi cab.


and now!
I'm experiencing a beauty explosion in the studio right now! I would take a snapshot but I dropped my phone in a vase of water (better than the toilet!) it happened as my mookie was calling and the whole thing was rather slow-mo and strangely romantic in a cinematic sort of way - Eric's picture on the phone - submerge d- suspended amidst the rose stems, quietly still ringing.

Anyway! I have time to make floral studies again, and am enjoying it like a crazy banshee tonight. I have a beautiful bale of golden dogwood foliage some olisou tulips my favorite lately...silver brunia, heuchera leaves, and more. Throwing all that shiz up into an antiqued stone urn! top it off with some tree peonies, bitches!

[Tomorrow is the weekly flower giveaway don't forget...]


Anonymous said...

So, I google-imaged "olisou". I got a baby chick talking to an egg, red lips + black fingernails, and a screenshot from "Fight Club." I then googled "olisou tulip" and got a black n' white cemetery pic which was not entirely unappealing. Those tulips MUST be good.

margaret said...

I'm down in DC, and these are planted everywhere, too.

And knowing full well that they are indeed Honey Locust trees, I have blatantly called them 'Shit Trees' for the last 8 years. My boyfriend even calls them that now, too. I've trained him well. I like them a lot, but I think it's because of their seed pods at the end of the summer that I purposely gave them that name. You know how I do.

Jo said...

those photos are so rockin. very artistic looking.

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