Tuesday, August 31, 2010

around reykjavik





having a great time - forgot to bring my camera today - shot with my phone. bless camera bag. found botanic garden. word to the wise, it's not anywhere near where the guidebook says it is.
miss nea and my mooks already. leaving for the northwest fjords tomorrow morning. if there's internet there i'll post again tomorrow night.


bunkywu said...

beautiful shots. so jealous you're hitting the NW fjords! that's the one area of iceland we didn't get to because we went to june and the roads were closed off. supposed to be the most incredible part of iceland which is hard to imagine given how incredible the entire country is. xoxo.

Inessa said...

looks like a lovely garden indeed. Thank you for sharing and continue to have fun.

Jo said...

Is that some sort of cobblestone? I want to cover my wall with a huge copy of that shot. Lucky girl, you are.

17 beats. said...

miss you, miss !

AbbieBabble said...

Don't you just love camerabag? I love these photos- they're gorgeous!

count buckula said...

that first picture is great sarah