Tuesday, October 27, 2009

october roses

A recent visit to the BBG resulted in some rose-rejuvination for me...plus two tranny's eric shot in Paris.

A parsec is an astronomical unit of length equal to approx. 3.26 light years.


Jennifer said...

Trannies (Tranny's?) (sp?) as roses. I love it. Great photos:)

Donna said...

Such pretty pix, Sarah! Makes me look forward to getting my David Austin newsletter and catalog---the "Generous Gardner" (of the English climbing variety) is one of my favorites!

Anonymous said...

shots 3 and 4 from the top are a wonderful old rose -- mutabilis, the butterfly rose. they open as a yellow and darken with age past pink to a beautiful salmon, coral. i have some old ones in my garden here in alabama. lovely. i highly recommend them to anyone -- very easy to grow with no disease issues.