Friday, October 23, 2009

Here's to mookie; Maker of dinner, Buyer of carpets...

There is something happening in the kitchen right now involving panko and kale, but the important thing is that it's happening without my direct involvement. I am sipping a glass of Viognier and admiring my new carpet which Eric snagged at auction last week. Another Berber rug, but he only had to go to Jersey for it this time. He keeps reminding me that he used his own money to purchase it. As opposed to the little sack of Saipua gold coins he brings with him to such events? Anyway, now my room has even more orange and more carpeted surface area to collect pet hair. A win-win, if you will.

We have two weddings tomorrow. All was calm and peaceful when I left the studio.

PS Our first flower school class was a blast - have you checked the photos?

ps. there are a bunch of questions i've been meaning to answer for everyone, random - but hopefully this will help:

1. nicole - the ring is bloodstone, from Erie Basin
2. the dress we believe is vintage vintage Thierry Mugler
3. The little robins egg blue berries are from Porcelain Vine
anything else i'm forgetting, let me know


Donna said...


I am completely AWESTRUCK by the great show of talent from your flower school students. Their arrangements look completely PRO!

Looks like I NEED to get my ass to Red Hook for one of your classes. When's the next one? OH----and you'll still have champagne, right?

17 beats. said...

you are suck a lucky lady!

17 beats. said...


Megan Dempsey said...

I was wondering what the little tannish colored flowers are in your last post - they look like tiny magnolias?


Sarah Ryhanen said...

ah - those tan colored flowers with the dark centers are lucedendron!

Unknown said...

Sarah my dear, I'm still coveting your ring. I was recently in Erie Basin and the jewelry they have is soooo eclectic and gorg. If you ever want someone to take that ring off your hands.. quite literally, just let me know :)

As always, I live my non corporate life through you. Keep up the incredible work!!