Tuesday, January 20, 2009

owning my migraine

its like when you plan a romantic dinner, dress for it and then start seeing strange rainbow squiggles in your vision as you prep a head of fennel. you ignore the squiggles, thinking it's the lamp shining too bright over your counter, and then forget what you're doing with this fennel, or even what you're making for dinner. you look around the kitchen for your bearings and realize that you can't actually focus on anything. that's when it occurs to you that you've felt this way before... before a migraine, and that it's probably not a stroke. but in case it is, you'd had better change out of this ridiculous outfit and apron in case you're boyfriend needs to call an ambulance. this accomplished, you give brief instructions on finishing dinner (slice pear, toss with fennel, olive oil and lemon juice...pork needs 15 more minutes) and run to lay down.

It's two hours later and I'm not dead yet. just a bad headache. and I can see to type straight: thems up there are poppies, the first of the season.



Anonymous said...

it's the worst feeling in the world. lucky you have some pretty poppies to look at when you manage to open your eyes again!

Michelle said...

Oh man, I so feel for you, it is the most dreadful feeling, I hope the poppies made you feel better, they are certainly my favorite flower. I bet that dinner was good too.

Katie said...

Uggggh, just reading your description of it ignites a Pavlovian heart-pounding response where every trick of light and every shadow is a migraine around the corner. The auras are almost as bad as the pain itself.

Big props to you though for blogging two hours after! Did you get a chance to eat any of that dinner?

Eleanor said...
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Eleanor said...

Oops, I made a spelling mistake, sorry...
That happened to me on the day I was cooking a romantic dinner before I left my life and my partner in America, because my visa had run out. Oh dear... bad times.
I hope you feel better now!

P said...

Ouch. That's awful! I've never had a real migraine - only the fake kind that allows you to stay home from work. Hope you feel better soon.

I love poppies. Pure joy.

Mouse said...

Love the poppies. Hope you feel better!

Anonymous said...

I get the same exact thing. It's starts as a tiny smudge of light on my eye- did I get something in my eye?-and then the next thing I know ridiculous headache. It happens about four times a year to me and I have learned to run to get advil and drink two glasses of water as soon as I see it. I feel your pain.

Anonymous said...

i feel ya

Anonymous said...

Maybe your overwhelming popularity gave you a migraine? Did I honestly just see you in Vogue magazine AND Anthropologie? How cool is that!?

Anonymous said...

Hi! I sympathize with your migraines. They are the worst. I suffer from them also. There are good migraine medicines out there - thankfully I have found one that works for me. (Even beautiful flowers will not get rid of them). M maison

Amanda said...

I haven't had a hardcore migraine since puberty, but I have to admit, they are a good excuse to go home early on days you could shank co-workers.

I mean, not that I would actually shank my co-workers or anything...

ashley english said...

hope you're feeling better! my mom used to get migraines and glenn gets them often now, so i can sympathize. don't know why, but i think this might help: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uh1tsN1KmJA

hmstrjam said...

i love the poppies!!!

Ana said...

Oh my gosh. Worst feeling in the world...and i never want to repeat the one occasion it happened to me.

Hope you are well.

The poppies are so lovely!

Anonymous said...


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