Monday, May 19, 2008

Spyria saved the day with these centerpieces from Saturday's wedding. I had been planning on using dogwood, but the suckers just wouldn't force open soon enough. This worked out much better, the spyria served as a great anchor for the peonies and smaller flowers.
We're off to stimulate the economy today. Wishing you a day of Emmy Lou Harris and a pistachio ice cream cone.



Susan said...

Be sure to call me tonight and tell me about your loot.


P said...

These are utterly, utterly breathtaking. Nice write-up on D*S today!

Christine said...

Hi - I have been reading for a while but never left a message until now.....I wish you were located in the Boston area. I would pop in every week and have you make me something special like these!
Thanks for the eye candy

Tara Vorhes said...

these are just gorgeous!