Monday, May 19, 2008

5 of the best things that ever happened to me.

1. discovering how good whole milk tastes.
1.5 realizing you can freeze cookie dough to make a warm cookie when you want one.
2. finding this beaded necklace which I now wear everyday.
3. trusting homeopathy
4. discovering a small trampoline in the basement
5. Stevie Nicks

1 comment:

Alice and Stuart said...

You forgot to list Stuart and Alice's trip to NYC. I think he had to get you and Eric's approval before he could propose. actually i'm sure of that. so maybe that trip should be on my top five. Speaking of proposals...ahem. We need a good excuse to come see you two so we're ready to hear the bells. And damn girl, your flowers are quite inspiring and ingenious. Watch out Paula pryke!!!! where do you find all the containers and do you make the customers bring them back to you? mad skills lady. mad skills.