Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Flower tricks continue...

We're upstate working today. Auction resulted in many fun things which I will share here when I get my SD card reader back tomorrow. The one disapointment was an old fencing set that was bid up much higher than we were prepared to go. The man who won it is selling it on Ebay. I said to him "Do you think your sword style can defeat me?? On Gaurd!"

He was not amused.

Anyway, I am taking a break from the hideous task of weeding thistle in Susan's garden to bring you this, the latest in a series (maybe) of flower tricks.

ENTER: the art of dried flowers. In general, something I avoid. They collect dust, leave droppings all over and can be relegated to the 80's along with the piles of self-help books that still reside on...nevermind.

Needless to say Susan put me to the test with a little basket which until recently was filled with 20 year old flowers from some New England tourist trap town.

It's been sitting in the shop reminding me of the dreaded task. Until this weekend when I threw together some dried lepto, seeded eucalyptus and rice flower to make this pink thing, perfect for mother - Tada! Since I discovered Floral Foam, there is nothing I cannot do!!

Then I thought back to a mention in MSL on Baby's breath (gypsophilia). It's pretty cheap and easy to find. I stuffed this little Finnish sauna bucket with it (using a half-sphere piece of floral foam).

In other news, we're pretty excited to have a little feature on Design Sponge today. Thanks Grace for stopping by last week, it was fun!

The sun is coming out again, so I'm heading back out to finish mud-slinging. Eric and I have put a moratorium on business talk until cocktail hour, so theres a lot of silence around here. In fact he's sitting behind me right now reading a book on how to make your business a "Category of One." He says he just got to the part about the importance of napping.



Susan said...

That little basket was filled with flowers from the Philadelphia Flower Show...2003....

But I can't wait to see what you've done with it now!! Thanks, M.

Cavania said...

I drop by daily to see what beautiful creations you have made, I adore your bouquets. Thank you for sharing, I wish I had a talented florist nearby.
Karen from London.

Florist Palembang said...

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