Friday, May 2, 2008

We've got a lot of jamz going on lately which is great, but leaves me little time to sit around thinking of clever things for this instead I'm going to dump a few fragments today that have been bumping around in my head. I'll be back with eloquence one of these days.

1. This poster was one of our scores at the auction on Monday night. It was a hell of a night which included testing our lactose tolerance at Friendly's with mozzarella sticks (Sara!) and sundaes; my tolerance for Eric's sense of directions, and Eric's tolerance for my penchant for anything involving ceramic animals. Did that make any sense...Anyway, we went in serch of ball jars and bought vintage cigarette posters instead. Girlfriend here smokes RAT cigarettes, do you??

2. A Xylaphone. Because Gale (Eric's sister) plays percussion, Eric thinks he can too. Which means today he's composing his very own accompaniments to the latest Spoon album. We really need to stop buying musical instruments at auctions. Anyone play the accordian? the recorder? the harpsicord? We could form a Saipua band...and record radiohead covers for exclusive engagement on NPR's evening music.

3. Fallen eggshell outside which I was compelled to photograph because of some hidden metaphor which I have yet to uncover.

4. Dinner a few nights ago,,,Aaron made the best salad with raw shaved beets, belgian endive, blood oranges, toasted pine nuts and feta...tossed together with oil, minced shallot and lemon juice.

5. Pandora radio. Great for most purposes, but why does it keep playing Cheryl Crow on my Fleetwood Mac station? And -- it physically hurts me to write this -- Hootie and the Blowfish???

6. Glass ornaments obtained at auction. Mom I put these in your Attic so we'll be sure to forget about them come Christmas time, K?

7. Moon and Stars watermelon as seen in this weeks NYT food section. You can buy heirloom watermelon plants upstate at this amazing farm called Silver Heights. I visited them at the Union Square market on Wednesday... was floored by the number of unique species they had. So, so nifty that they are working to preserve heirloom fruits and vegetables.


Susan said...

Love the glass ornaments!! I've always wished I had all of the one's my mom had when we were growing up.

check out the little bird on my blog.....

17 beats. said...

mousy! you have to come up with a metaphor quick! that eggshell is begging for it!!