Saturday, March 1, 2008

New Candles and Deep Thoughts

Sometimes when I post a picture like this I feel it should be accompanied by one of Jack Handy's DEEP THOUGHTS.


We have been working on the spring votive candles. We make them in collaboration with the folks at Oakmont Candle Co., a family affair in Pittsburg whose idealogy and business model is pretty similar to ours. We received the two prototypes a few weeks ago and I have been burning them in the shop. The first is CEDARMOSS - a rich, damp green-wood smell ...the second is WISTERIA LILAC; a bright floral emphasizing the sweet high notes of lilac. We've been toying with what to call them. So many fragrances and candles have extravagant names like...Quest...Moraccan Mist...Provencal Dewberry Sunrise. What is a dewberry??

I'm finishing the new packaging this weekend and will share it here soon.

We should be ready to ship 'em in about 2 weeks...thanks to those of you who have placed your orders already.


marie said...

your candles sound beautiful!it must be tricky naming a scent..
i love the poppies!

Anonymous said...

i can't wait to smell the new candles!

Moss said...

Good luck with the new candles...I'm sure they'll do well. Is the cedarwood the same as the oakmoss? We really liked that scent.

Naming is always difficult because it's so hard to be orginal. Mosswood has been a word/name floating around in my head lately. For the floral one maybe you should go really crazy and call it "Wisteria Lilac"!

palmcop said...

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