Friday, February 29, 2008

With Susan in town last night we treated ourselves to supper at Saul - such an exquisite meal. Seared mackerel with roasted peppers, preserved meyer lemon...plated with the single most delicious green olive I've ever tasted...Rabbit Loin with mustard and stuffed cabbage....Venison...Scallops with white beans, hen of the woods mushrooms and chorizo...Baked Alaska.

Somehow Eric and I manage to have a big blow out every time we go out to eat. (Last night it was over the price of this Finnish Arabia moomin mug we found many months ago.) Remember Restaurant 360? So many good fights about nothing over oysters and Chenin blanc.

In the end we always chalk it up to our mutual stubbornness and his penchant for a good argument. We went to bed exhausted after a long work day and the richest food I've eaten in a long time. I dreamt of old jobs, handlebar mustaches, the number 7 and J. Edgar Hoover.


Anonymous said...

Aren't all arguments between couples over something silly?

P said...

Ah yes, the restaurant fight. I know it well. I like to take it up a notch and cry profusely at the table until I've cleared the area of all other diners.

Sarah Ryhanen said...

...or get free dessert from the sympathetic waiter..