Tuesday, March 11, 2008

enter the dragon.

My coffee was so good, and I was feeling so free like I could do anything this morning. Then it got cold, I realized I forgot to pay bills this month, and a telemarketer called.

I'm showing you my desk in all its cluttered glory this morning. You know how people love to take photos of their work spaces all primped and proper with matching sherbert colors and the latest screen-printed calender hanging next to their inspiration board? Yeah well that doesn't happen here.

Margot at the Wedding was the movie I didn't fall asleep to last night. So so funny and good. Nicole Kidman's character Margot says to her 13 year old son "You used to be charming."

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Lavender Hill said...

I wish mine looked that neat--I'd be embarrassed to post a photo of mine right now..love the soaps-- they're being very well received at our shop--

ps Thanks for all of the exposure to your 'friends' blogs... they're amazing and a fave to go to at the end of my busy day..great to unwind to and become inspired by