Monday, March 10, 2008

back from the front line. (+tacos!)

If you spend time drooling and clipping from foodie mags like I do, then you might imagine how thrilling it was for me to make flowers for a christmas shoot today in Soho for a well know mag that lets just say focuses on food and wine.

It was a tricky Christmas palette to work in March. [White, silver and crimson.] By now Ilex berries have all been eaten by the birds and the holly berry I sourced from Oregon looked like it had been buried in the basement of US Evergreen since last December. But we made it work. We also made a lot of things silver with a can of spray paint, including my [oh SH**] new frye boots. Remember how enthusiastic I was about spray paint at christmas this past year? It's over friends. Not because of my boots, but because each time I sprayed a little silver over my eucalyptus garland in the back yard yesterday I heard a little animal cry out and then perish. No sparkly garland is worth a little animal now is it?

No, it isn't. Now I'm faced with cleaning up this place and getting to work relaxing tonight for the first time in days. Aaron is back from Blacksburg so I should go home to see him and hear about who had a kid, who's still drinking at The Cellar, and who's kid is now old enough to be drinking at The Cellar.

Good nite.

ps; 6 more years: Thou shalt not take awayeth ye old ballfield tacos.


Anonymous said...

You deserve a well chilled martini! ...or maybe I'll have one for you!

The flowers look lovely.....and Lord knows, I'm not prejudice!

P said...

You just made my day - beautiful flowers and six more years of taco/mango/agua fresca goodness.

Candyce said...

ooooh this is a pretty one. I love the b&w Anemone. There are little black flowers... are those just the Anemone centers? Very creative! What is the dusty miller looking stuff you used?

marie said...

oh what a wk end! i love the flowers though ;)

An Hoang said...

gorgeous arrangements!

An Hoang said...

gorgeous arrangements!

Sarah Ryhanen said...

candyce - the grey material is called summer cypress -- the black things are anemones with the petals removed...I think they look wild that way!

thanks eveyone for your kind words!!