Wednesday, March 12, 2008

spring fever and a much anticipated package

I've spent most of Wednesday waiting patiently for the USPS to deliver a box of rare potted orchids from Barbara and Terry at Pine Ridge Orchids. When the postman arrived I ran out from the back with my big knife we use to open boxes. In my excitement I must have looked crazy; he walked out backwards with a strange look.

[Paph Bel Royal]

Anyway, the orchids inside are incredible. I've been learning a lot about the Glancy's farm through email corespondence with Barbara over the past month or so. When you love plants and flowers but live in a city that resembles a rat hole (my father's words, not mine) nature becomes a somewhat mystical process; one constantly mediated by the artificial, concrete landscape of the city. Successfully growing plants and incorporating green space into our lives here is so tricky. I've been working very hard over the past few years to green my thumb. It's getting better. [My plants look better than Eric's]

[Eric's dead orchid...he says it's "coming back"]

So naturally curious about running an orchid farm, I've scoured the Pine Ridge website and learned tons from them about orchids and the incredible ecosystem in Miami-Dade county. When I think of Miami I think instantly of three things: Miami Art Basel, The Golden Girls and most unfortunately...2 Live Crew.

Miami-Dade county is really is an naturally biodiverse area which is being swept away by what is now the largest building boom in the US. Qualified as one of the most endangered ecosystems in the world, Miami rock pinelands are situated on highlands that do not flood; and are therefor ideal parcels for developers. The Glancy's 20 acres is one fourth farm (orchids, bamboo, palms, fruit trees) and three fourths rock pineland forest which they have been restoring to its natural state since purchasing the land in 1976. At one point in our correspondence Barbara compared the detail of biodiversity to a Persian carpet - an analogy I find so fitting...

I will post more on these topics of orchids, plants, ecosystems etc. on and off over the next few weeks as I gear up for planting, composting, asparagus and all things spring.

[Paph Vanguard]


Silvana said...

i just love your work, all this mixing textures, colors, all this georgeous Still Life.. just like a scene of this Netherlandish painter Hieronymus Bosch.
Just like arrays of flowers should be!
just lovely! Congratulations!

marie said...

oh i must be amazing learning about all those things!
will you be growing is so magical!