Sunday, March 9, 2008


Everything becomes more interesting when your procrastinating. I can't stop thinking about cornichons, what to make for dinner next sunday, the concept of fault, where I could treat myself to a new blouse, and, if forced to eat cat food, whether I would prefer wet or dry. [dry]

In the fourth grade I realized my extraordinary ability to procrastinate. It was the night before the science fair and I was categorically f*@#ed. I had signed up for the INVENTIONS section, excluding the ever-popular pepsi-or-coke-taste-test project which saved the lives of many middle school procrastinators. What resulted after a day of wandering around the house tormenting the cats [an my little sister] was a spaghetti twirling fork involving and electric screw driver. Admittedly, some of my finest work has been done in the 11th hour.

Today, once again, I find myself honing this talent. We're making flowers [and a xmas tree] for a photo shoot tomorrow morning. I have yards of eucalyptus garland to spray paint (let along make) and many flowers to fix up. Eric sits here diligently wrapping soap while I search the internet for how to make an exploding volcano with baking soda. The cool kids always made volcanoes.

[Delivery from yesterday with guinea hens, fringed tulips, ranunculus, and some seeded euc.]


Anonymous said...

funny! i've been really taken with cornichons lately, too! they are so cute. tiny, green and bumpy. there's some big to-do in france about them lately... they're being made in china and india for cheap like everything else these days, and french farmers are (naturally) up in arms.

Valloittava valkoinen said...

Oh so pretty flowers!!!makes me want summer here even more!

P said...

When it comes to procrastinating, I am a Wikipedia whore. It's the best way to waste time because I always feel justified because I am (supposedly) learning something.

How did you learn how to make such gorgeous arrangements? What drew you to flowers from contemporary art?

Anonymous said...

HA! That's such a funny story... procrastnation is my worst & best habit. Worst because I'm not getting on with what I should be, but best because it's usually the time I find the best things on-line or get those little things done.

Sarah Ryhanen said...

g, dont they also make your favorite little corncobs in china too?

p, i taught myself about flowers when we opened 1.5 years ago. you should see some of my first "arrangements." I would share them here, but my hard drive bit the dust last year and I lost all the pictures from our first 6 months. convenient isn't it.

there is no real answer to your second question. I loved my job, but it just was not right for me anymore.

aztec sacrifice..thats a good one on wiki.