Friday, February 1, 2008

Pickled herring friday from finland (I bought some)

This here, a little ditty in a short ball jar. A big mix-up of ranunculus, seeded euc, hyacinths, lemon-scented geranium leaves and viburnum.

Just got caught in nasty rain on my way back from Fairway. It's really something else in brooklyn today, it actually looks like the banner up there on this blog. Exactly like that. And to match the weather I've put Tori Amos on repeat (I said it!) and am fixing to do some baking before I go down to the shop. Like maybe these. Carrot-orange cupcakes.

Also, I just spent an hour looking at the new Pirelli calender. It's worth checking out because we all need a little high-end softporn now and then. Actually this year is pretty tame, its the 80's man (you can click through the archives) where things get a little weird. Love it!

Also love this ...most excellent notebooks.


Jill said...

hi sarah,
just realized when i put in the links on my blog yesterday to saipua, they didn't work! my mistake and so embarrassing! anyway, i just fixed them so they should work now. have a great weekend, and i love the flower photos posted today :)

Sarah Ryhanen said...

no sweat jill! thanks - and I shipped your soap today, I hope you like it.