Saturday, February 2, 2008

ode to cloudy days, turnips and a cranky cat.

-Cloudy today again. Went to Grand Army Plaza farm market and scored some wicked radishes and turnips - plus a few requisite apples, oh and you know just a few pounds of beef short ribs.
-Made brunch for a lady with some serious baking skills (this was an exchange for 3 apple cupcakes).
-Spent serious time browsing this hilarious flickr page.
-Went about consoling a brooding cat at the shop.
-Downloaded two Tina Turner songs.
-Worked on arranging Tina Turner song titles into sentences:
It's Only Love, Proud Mary.
Better be Good To Me, We Don't Need Another Hero.
Private Dancer; Your Simply the Best.
Typical Male? Steel Claw.

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