Thursday, January 31, 2008

three things purple, well 4

Blueberry barley pancakes this morning after flower market, admittedly, as inspired by Bon Appetit's February cover. (*Also in Bon Appetit this month is a new column by Molly from Orangette, my favorite food blog. Pretty good stuff.

Purple fringed ranunculus. Like Whoa, I love these so much I sort of hide them in the store so as not to sell them. Not great marketing I suppose...OK, you can have one.

Purple Star hyacinths from flower market this morning...unusual purple stem.

*Lastly, a few weeks ago, my mom scoffed at a purple sweater I picked out for her. "Don't you know that poem: When I am Old I Will Wear Purple?" I didn't but do now. I actually don't like it.


Anonymous said...

I adore flowers particularly white ones. The purple fringed ranunculus
is wonder you tried to hide it. I have been looking at the photos of your other posts...wonderful flower arrangements and photos.

Anonymous said...

I actually wore that sweater today...for the first time.
It's OK....but I usually NEVER wear purple.

Anonymous said...

Love love love these flowers! And the pancakes made me hungry...

Several things re: the poem...

-That poem always made me really bitter that I love purple and that it looks good on me.

-When I was in high school, the women's choir sang a piece based on the poem. It still gives me the heebie-jeebies thinking of all these 16-year-olds singing it.

-The Red Hat Society ladies wear purple clothes with their red hats. Again, bitter, because that's my favorite color combination. Argh! Sarah's mom, just make sure you don't wear a red hat with your awesome purple sweater... :-)

Sarah Ryhanen said...

i really cringe at the red hat society - do you know how many t-shirts, mugs and other junk have been made to promote the idea that aging is not just acceptable, but fun?

whoa... no ranting, I promised myself.


Sarah Ryhanen said...

thank you for the kind words Mo'a and Gorges - they are so encouraging!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted you to know that after stumbling upon your blog I check it every day. I love your photos and use them for my desktop at work. It makes me feel so happy to see such beautiful arrangements. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Naja, ob das alles so richtig ist..

Anonymous said...

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