Sunday, February 3, 2008

new dragon's blood soap..

...finally done, in the shop through V-day. Spicy cinnamon and amber with notes of patchouli and vanilla.

We're off tomorrow for some r&r - then back on Tuesday.

Hope you have a lovely Sunday evening with some wine and maybe some time alone..maybe listening to this.



Anonymous said...

Ciao Sarah,
just a quick note..
I like your blog it's so inspiring and poetic..
I adore your soaps and flowers


Anonymous said...

Good Morning,
You've been awarded the "you make my day" award. if you'd like to accept, please visit my blog. thanks. sarah

diana said...

Hey Sarah,

Nothing like a strong cup of coffee and your blog first thing in the morn - will the dragon's blood soap be availble in your online shop??? Love the name!


Sarah Ryhanen said...

thanks for the kind words ladies! The d-blood soap won't be on the website soon (we only made 30 bars) but you can order by calling or emailing me at