Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Darla Day and Night. She lays in the window wooing passersby.

Today is Pentti's birthday so we've come upstate to celebrate and see Mummo (grandmother in finnish) who is visiting from Ontario.

Before we left I put together some of the last anemones to bring. I love the way these open and the black interior tendrils grow long as they age.

"With mac book air you can truly live your whole life wirelessly, it starts with the moment you take mac book air out of the box..."
But no CD drive? They really get you there, eh? They nudge you to download music and movies from apple.com instead of using CD's...and there is so much music apple.com doesn't have! I really wanted Arab Strap's Elephant the other day, (the first track on that album changed my life - in that college years self-discovery kind of way)...its unavailable.


Gale - you're comment about composting is right on the money. Susan has been looking for an under the counter composter - I'm going to do some research on this and report back.

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