Monday, January 14, 2008

So today we were back to the grind mailing retail packages and getting out a few soap wholesale orders. Obviously Scooter there was of no help, and in fact found a new place to sleep while I slaved over the litter box. Trying a new litter that consists solely of pine chips called feline pine...but no one really wants to hear about that stuff. How about some red hook gossip? Just kidding.

It's been a hectic weekend, one which culminated last night in some quality time with Eric and Aaron via a carb binge (when men cook, macaroni and cheese and mashed potatoes complement each other) and the recently released Death Proof DVD (complete with the previously missing Kurt Russel lap-dance scene).

I read recently that wasted food in landfills emits a ridiculous amount of toxic methane biogas which is a major contributor to global warming. My impression was that food broke down quickly in landfills, aiding in the breakdown of the trash around it like a happy digestive system... Needless to say I've added another new years resolution: stop throwing away food.

Combining and cooking old fruits and vegetables is a good way to avoid throwing them out when they're past their prime. This was my recent Ah ha Chutney! moment.

I had some apples from October shriveling away next to the window, a prehistoric orange with hardly any moisture left in it, a piece of ginger, some brown sugar, cider vinegar, 2-3 cloves of garlic minced, and shake of ground cloves, cinnamon, salt.

- mince up the garlic, ginger and any citrus fruit
- cut the fruit (you could use pears, apples, pineapple, persimmons etc) in chunks
- put in a pot with everything else and cook for 1 hour stirring every couple min.

This is good with cheese, but what isn't. Especially Camembert. Or on a turkey sandwich. OR on a turkey sandwich WITH Camembert. And it keeps for much longer in the refrigerator than your old fruits.

Also I discovered a fantastic yogurt, SIGGIS. It comes in flavors like orange ginger, pear mint. So so good friends, you can get it in brooklyn at Stinky's on Smith Street, or Marlow and Sons in B-Burg...Murrays in the city.

Now I am going to crank up Eddie Murphy's Party All the Time for the last time today then call it quits.

xox sarah


Anonymous said...

i think it's something like the insane pressure that keeps stuff from biodegrading. some crazy glassblower in ohio harvests the methane from landfills and uses it to fuel her shop.

Anonymous said...

sarah, good thought about not wasting food but you could also compost! that way, your food bits are degraded aerobically as opposed to anaerobically, which is what is happening in landfills. and then you could maybe use the compost on community gardens if you have any in your neighborhood.

i'm supposed to be working on my thesis...