Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Pumpkin whoopie pie for lunch today. I'm tired of trying to rationalize a Baked lunch..but this was easy because pumpkin is a vegetable. 5:15 was what time Eric and I got going this morning so my brain is sludge - we did accomplish some business yesterday upstate: we perfected the scent blend for our next soy candle. A mix of amber, sandalwood, fir needle, jasmine and some other jazz - this votive will be an edition of 36 available at our shop only (and online). I need a name for it though...
Listen, Comicopera is so so beautiful and perfect. There are traces of (bear with me here) a soft hot saxophone..and the cheap glitz of a smoky piano bar circa 1982 where someone in an off the shoulder taffeta gown is sprawled atop a grand piano is singing a Roy Orbison a little too slowly.

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