Friday, June 16, 2023

brief update


So much beauty happens here everyday, it’s hard to share it all. We’re in the middle of a floral residency with amazing students from all around the globe. Such generous participants in our world here: they are open, kind and willing to go with the flow. Teaching me as I teach them.

I’m afraid my winter verbosity has fully faded and I’m not one for many words here lately. Overwhelm ensues and it turns out I’m not invincible…

Meanwhile life goes on all the same all around me in this ecosystem of people plants animals and their ideas, needs and desires. A wonderfully complex matrix to occupy. Donnie, god damn him, chasing and chewing on lambs again. RAIN! finally after 6 dry weeks. Meltdowns. Crying. Laughing.

Witches casting spells, bringing flowers. Feeding beans. Making ceramics.

In the midst of it all: an inventory. What is needing to remain, what is wanting to be relinquished?

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