Tuesday, March 5, 2019

notes from here/building an Advisory Board

My winter of solitude is over, Zoe is back from her adventures and time at AZ West. 
The snowball gains momentum.

Thank you to all of you who signed up for our Residency Program. Many of you who didn't resister before it sold out have written to ask about additional weeks - we're considering adding a June week and a September week and should finalize that in the next few days. As always, signing up for the newsletter is the best way to be alerted to programs, etc. 

Finally, I'm working on forming a WORLDS END Advisory Board. A group of about 12 people from different backgrounds who care deeply about this place and what we're trying to build here. I'd like to find a lawyer (practicing in NY State) and a Licensed Architect. 

If you or someone you know might be interested in lending their knowledge to quarterly phone meetings and an annual in-personal meeting here at the farm, please have them reach out to me (sarah@saipua.com). 


Nidhi said...

Sarah, this is unrelated but have you read Ninth Street Women? I am reading it now and it's such a fantastic read for not just the art but the historical context. I thought of you.


Unknown said...

How do we get on the newsletter list?

Susan said...


Its on the website here: http://saipua.com/contact/

Karlie Tucker said...

I am so interested in your journey and what you are building at World's End! I wish I was knowledgeable enough to contribute to your adventure, but I'll be watching from the sidelines. I have dreams to do something along the same lines here in Virginia but I'm several years behind you. Much of what you are writing about I struggle with as well - the desire to be less consumerist in my own life while also trying to get people to buy ephemeral products, the need to see a revamping of how the healthcare and insurance industries operate, rethinking the role of food in my life, and my influence on food as a farmer. I look forward to seeing what you create and learning what I can from what you share of the process!