Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Lately more than ever it's back and forth between farm and city. Back and forth. Forever. 
Leaving baby lambs is difficult. I called Eric tonight. I hear in his voice right away when something is wrong, even if he saves the information until after we gone through the typical formalities of hello, how are you...our first born lamb, named Butters, has lost a horn today. A bloody mess. She's a big girl, likely 30 pounds now. She's a single so she's getting all of her mamas milk without having to share. Sounds nice. Makes for a fat lamb.

He fixed her up, ripped it the rest of the way off and treated with iodine and fly strike. Says she's eating and running around tonight. Every shepherd tells me: sheep are masters at finding ways to sucicide; she likely got her horns stuck in a cattle panel fence and ripped her way free. So we know it could have been worse.

But I've been in the city for a few days -- I have to think hard to remember how many -- 4? working on back to back big events. I have not been good about documenting any of them, but they happen all around me, a swirl of interns and staff and flowers and trucks packed and unloaded, wine, half fast emails and boxes of arugula eaten at the counter at night before crawling to bed with a glass of water and a head full of intensions for the early morning when I regain focus. 

I don't take my phone to bed anymore. I don't like looking at.
Or I'm afraid I'll sleep-text old bosses or boyfriends.

At the farm after evening chores I lay around in the grass with the sheep. The lambs jump on my back... one in particular - #925's brown ewe lamb - eats my hair with such unbridled joy and excitement, it feels almost unfair to pull her off and deny her this simple pleasure. 

Tomorrow we load out at 5:30 am headed to Detroit for a big wedding. 


Leah said...

Amidst the chaos there is joy. Not taking your phone to bed sounds like a win or at least a move in the right direction. I would like to do that but find when life gets crazy I lean into the mindless distractions as a form of self-soothing.

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Unknown said...

I could cry right now...I completely understand your existence right now for I too am back and forth between the pastures of my life and the endless weddings and events which is floral design...but we love it right? If it helps just think of sweet pea vine growing everyywheree ☺️

Mlle Paradis said...

detroit, wow! always love visiting here, such a person you are. and i know what you mean, i have a cat who likes eating hair too.

Anonymous said...

Your babies are beautiful! Someday you my have the joy of bottle feeding one. My first ram was a bottle baby - so sweet!

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Anonymous said...

Your work is brilliant. One day I'm flying you to Los Angeles, I'm not sure for what yet...I'll think of something. :)

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