Saturday, June 2, 2012

re-cap of workday and mission statement, sort of


On Sunday everyone left. I spent the day resting and sort of wandering around. Walked out to the barn in my underwear because I could. Watered some little plant plugs in the greenhouse. Spent some time alone thinking but perhaps even more time....not thinking.








at Saipua we've always gone the way the wind blew us, and failed to do things most good businesses do. failed to brand, failed to have business cards (still). failed to notice that lots of people don't seem to 'get' it. this occurs to me now as I attempt to organize the sort of chaos that has been swirling around us as we fraction yet again with this massive farm undertaking.

Maybe we need a better plan?

Here's what I do know; I like having lots of people on the saipua staff. I like having lots of people at the farm. I like having people with us, doing stuff together. I like collaboration. I like community.

I like watching something come together with lots of hands, like a well oiled machine.

I don't know exactly what this farm is going to be. And I'm not going to completely map it out, who could?  It's big and wild and it fights back at every juncture. Instead I'm going to sneak things up on it; make some clay out of our clay heavy soil, build an edible flower garden. Make elderberry wine with my Uncle if he'll show me. Make some sheeps milk ricotta. And grow some sick flowers.

Which of those things happens and in what order I don't so much care about. What I do care about is having a constant flow of people around, to learn from, to teach things to, to relax, and sometimes to work. As for this group; Deanne, Simone, Amanda, Donna, Tim, Gordon, Vera, Cerise, Sonya, Emma, Laura, Erin, Daniel, Carmel, Ingrid, Ashlea and Caroline - next time they will come to eat*.

Flower photos tomorrow, I promise.

(*FYI The arugula, radish, turnips and cosmos (!) are already sprouting)


Bow Street Flowers said...

I love the little tent mounds in the grass.

Botanique said...

I totally hear you- it is all about being with the people you love. Whatever you are doing, being around good people and working together is so key. Whatever you have and haven't done with your business, it seems to be working out great, so I say keep it up- in your way!

Jo said...

I have very little faith left in society. But reading your blog and seeing how people can come together to build something beautiful makes me believe that there is still some good in the world.

JBM said...

you've been a constant source of inspiration for years!! Keep it up....all of it...the right ones get it.

Fleurie Flower Studio said...

I have figured out I like to work with other people too, especially on flowers in the studio, not so much in the yard and garden, I figure out things out there just fine. But with flowers, there is something about having people around to bounce ideas off of, to say ooohhh, look how pretty and such. Looks like a fun time was had by all.

Bridget said...

I am so happy for you that you had so much help and the seeds are already showing up to the party as little plants! Sucks that I couldn't make it. Maybe next time.
My wish list of plantings for you is growing! Always taking notes from Central Park.


Anonymous said...

Stay the course. The one you haven't set.

Desi McKinnon said...

so inspiring. i love that you're doing it your way. keep it up.

Katie said...

so so beautiful sarah! swooning at the paint color in your bathroom, and the unbelievably cozy-looking porch. sad to miss the work day and want to see you soon!

McKenzie Powell said...

I wish I lived closer and could help at the farm. I really do and I really would.

zoe said...

I so wish I could have made it to the workday. If you ever have another...

Sarahbeth said...

Get it. Tell it. Break the mold. Make it yours. We're in a crazy world of fast and cheap and big. You have to change it in your own way or be swept over. You're an inspiration. Glad of you.

Anonymous said...

I like you Sarahbeth. I hope you're at the next workday.

sarahbeth said...

Hi D,
Best compliment I've had in a while.
Hell yes. I'd love to be there. I kinda live in Asheville NC though... ah to hell with it - give me enough notice and I'll be there. Maybe with fried green tomatoes & cheese grits? Yep. I'm flirting. With all y'all Saipua kindreds.