Sunday, February 5, 2012



there are so many atoms.

atoms that combine to make happiness, death, movies. wine. the smoke from a cigarette.

growing up: we never watched sports on television, except figure skating. my father watches nascar. and boxing, i think, occasionally. I went briefly to a superbowl party tonight and left shortly after arriving

home to a sad dog.

i needed some time alone, and i got it. my world is a chaotic one lately.
more atoms than necessary


Anonymous said...

just telling someone yesterday about our disconnect with the super bowl....still no football in our house. :-))


flwrjane said...

Virtual hug.

xo Jane

Anonymous said...

slitithose photos are worth a googolplex superbowls!

Unknown said...

I want to kiss that ranunculus. Just saying.
Is that weird?

Brooke Howsley said...

Chaos is king around here too. Just today I called a client and blabbered on about how sorry I was I missed our 10am meeting... to which she replied, "Oh, I think it's tomorrow." Sheesh.

I was forcibly made to watch the Stupidbowl, and boy do I wish I had photographed flowers instead.

Jo said...

I would say that you need some flowers. But you have enough of those. What you need is a hug. I hope you feel cheerier soon.

Alix said...

If it helps at all, your flower arrangements are the most stunning I have ever seen (is it true you're self-taught?). Long-time fan of your blog, and I just want to let you know that, while I'm about 500 years old and have so far sailed though life without the merest *prospect* of marriage on the horizon, if I ever DO get married, YOU are doing my wedding, girl! I will fly you out wherever it is. You are a genius. Hope the atoms calm down a bit... ;-)

A and B said...

What beautiful photos!